C-ute – “Aitai Lonely Christmas” Event V Details Released

10 12 2010

  1. Aitai Lonely Christmas (Yajima Maimi Solo Ver.)
  2. Aitai Lonely Christmas (Nakajima Saki Solo Ver.)
  3. Aitai Lonely Christmas (Suzuki Airi Solo Ver.)
  4. Aitai Lonely Christmas (Okai Chisato Solo Ver.)
  5. Aitai Lonely Christmas (Hagiwara Mai Solo Ver.)

The tracklist for C-ute’s Event V for their 14th single titled Aitai Lonely Christmas has been released.

Like most Event V’s the tracklist is made up of solo versions of the PV, which isn’t that surprising although it is a nice touch for fans since they can enjoy the solo versions of their favorite members featuring close-ups and other shots of each member.

As for the cover I was very impressed when I saw it since it features a simple but nice theme with all of C-ute standing in a line while smiling at the camera, and even though the title is somewhat hard to read I really like the way they used red and green to mix in with the Christmas theme.

Overall the release is a nice bonus for fans since they get to watch solo versions of the PV as well as enjoy a unique and festive cover for the single, so hopefully fans who go to the release events get a chance to buy a copy of this Event V.

The release date is set for 12/12.

Official H!P Post About C-ute’s Event V




One response

11 12 2010

Anyone else notice that the “C-ute” on Chisa is her colour (green), as well as helping her stand out the most? XD
Whether it’s intentional or no, at least those looking will notice Chisa. Mai, Maimi, and Airi’s faces are near to one-another, so my eyes are drawn to them. However, the font style and colour of “C-ute” draws my eyes across the page. In other words, it’s hard to not notice everyone in the picture. =3

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