S/mileage Will Be The Opening Act For Morning Musume’s Yokohama Arena Concert

8 12 2010

S/mileage will be the opening act for Morning Musume’s graduation concert at Yokohama Arena.

It’s great that S/mileage have a chance to open for Momusu’s graduation concert since this means great publicity for them performing in front of thousands of fans, and since the concert will be covered by many news sites and TV stations it should promote them well.

For now we don’t really know what songs they will perform but it’s safe to say that it will be only one or a few since most of the concert will be spotlighted on Momusu and the three graduating members.

Hopefully S/mileage fans attend the concert to support their group and to support Momusu.

The concert will be on 12/15.

S/mileage Site Announcement About Concert




10 responses

8 12 2010

(I was just catching up on Lil*Pri, so I’m mentally hiding Sakicchi in the pic XD)

Yay, S/mileage keeps getting a good load of promotion~
Though, I’m sure some Momusu fans are, like, “WTH! I want my MM-time, not these wanna-be’s!!” Which is fine, since it’s a graduation concert, but I don’t think anything will deplete the quality in-store for the concert =3
(I just hope no one boo’s… better yet, that one dude whose “whoo”‘s resemble “boo”‘s, ain’t as loud XD)

However, I totally doubt any S/mileage fan would go to the concert solely to see them. After all, it’s a graduation concert and S/mileage, at most, will only perform their next single and be in some MC’s, if not just their song. (Of course, this is just my estimation.)
I believe that any S/mileage fans there for Momusu will support them… just, like, not spend all that money to have everyone screaming and crying “Eri~” in their ears and hear only one-or-so songs XD
(I totally took your well-wishing literally, yep~)

8 12 2010

Kinda off subject but..

Is their any possibility to watch the concert streamed on the internet when its on Japanese TV in 3D?

Only asking because I dont have Japanese TV.. ;_;

8 12 2010

i agree!! I would like to know as well!!

8 12 2010

When you mentioned that its great publicity for s/mileage to open for Morning Musume I didn’t even think about it like that… The first thing I thought was hmm.. why s/mileage… But yea it makes sense because tv stations everywhere are going to be reporting everything…

The only thing is when I hear “opening” I’m not sure I think they’ll sing a song. You know at h!p concerts when the eggs open the concert they usually do some sort of dance or routine… that’s what I’m thinking they’ll do but who knows… we’ll find out when that day comes…

8 12 2010

They’re giving S/mileage too much promotion now. They’re out-selling Berryz and C-ute because all of the promotion activities are given to them and never to the other groups…

9 12 2010

Well, i think s/mileage has the potential to be better than c-ute and berryz.
i mean, they’re a new group and it seems like have quite the fanbase
just because they’re a younger group dosen’t mean that they can’t beat them in sales :)
2 me, i’ve listened to all three and s/mileage is the best one 2 me :)
it’s good that they’re getting promotion activites because tsunku can really tell that they have alot of potential and he wants to use them to their potential :)
i think s/mileage has alot of potential, don’t you?

9 12 2010

Yes I think it’s the potential and their sales. The total of BK’s first 3 singles were only about 40,000.(Which isn’t very good) C-ute sold roughly 100,000(Which is good) with JUST their first 3. and S/mileage have sold roughly 75,000 which is kind of in the middle. S/mileage are showing quite a lot of potential. C-ute are still quite popular but Berryz didn’t do very well in the beggining. Most people think that C-ute should debuted first but I think they started off better becuase they got indies singles, like S/mileage. Morning Musume, Berryz and C-ute sales are slipping. I think Tsunku has moved on. o.o stupid man…

9 12 2010

(This is only my guess about the promotion)
I don’t think Tsunku has “moved on”, but is aiming towards getting S/mileage a steady fanbase. A lot of MM, BK, and C-ute fans have been around since the beginning and he’s seen how strong those fans support the girls. So, he’s planning ahead to get S/mileage even more of a strong fanbase through promotion; Oha Girl for Sakicchi and Lil*Pri for the other three, both aimed towards getting younger fans that will last for years/have parents buy their stuff. This concert opening will offer priceless (not literally!) promotion towards older people.
Other than that, the four have great potential and are steadily improving–dang, I thought DAWA wasn’t a decent singer but she got so much better within the year! Still don’t think she’s comparable to the other three, but I don’t think she’s done improving. =3

But I still don’t think Tsunku’s “moving on”, seeing as he’s still working with the other groups.
Who doesn’t give the newborn more attention, once it’s out the womb? It’ll die, if you leave it too early. (Analogy =D)

9 12 2010

i think they meant promotion, not potential.
the only way Berryz is getting their promotion is solely through inazuma eleven while S/mileage is all over the place (tv shows, internet, etc)

i agree s/mileage is talented but theyre really the only one’s in H!P who get a decent amount of promotion for every single

10 12 2010

I agree with michi about the younger fanbase, attract them while because it’s easier to advertise to them and sell stuff to them…
Also it wouldn’t matter if s/mileage is getting too much promotion would it? S/mileage, Morning Musume, C-ute, Berryz… they’re all under the same branch and even if we don’t like a certain group or member we should still support them right?
And I hear that s/mileage has a good fan base because fans have seen them be “created” from the beginning and they find s/mileage’s development interesting..

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