Arihara Kanna’s 1st PB “Kanna” Cover Released

8 12 2010

Left: Front Cover, Right: Back Cover

The cover for Arihara Kanna’s 1st PB titled Kanna has been released.

For the most part I am very impressed with the cover since it has a nice simple theme with bright colors, and along with a great shot of Kanna wearing a hoodie over a bikini in front of a beach it does seem like a great cover for her first release.

The title art is a bit distracting since it has many colors, but for the most part I really like the way they used the Kanji and the Hiragana for her name since it does look great in front of the sky.

The back cover features Kanna wearing a blue bikini while eating ice cream, and while it might be a bit simple I really like the way it looks since it shows of Kanna well (although there seems to be a lot of sunlight).

Hopefully Kanna fans get a chance to reserve their copy of the PB since it looks like a great release.

The release date is set for 12/18. Page For Kanna’s PB




2 responses

8 12 2010

I can’t help but think this is a low-budget deal XD
Hopefully she gets decent promotion for this, so that I can at least hope that her PB budget rises [and that she can have another].
I’m not a Kanna fan (I was sad when she left, yes) but I hope this sells well and turns into nothing but a good experience. And I hope this pleases her fans well. =3

8 12 2010

It’s sad to see underage girls (or girls of any age for that matter) promote themselves in this fashion, as far as feeling the need to show skin. Supporting this kind of promotion is one of the only things I don’t find impressive about Japan and its media. :[

I wish the best for Kanna. 頑張ってください

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