Yajima Maimi Will Be The Heroine In The DVD Movie “Black Angels”

7 12 2010

Yajima Maimi will be the heroine in the DVD movie Black Angel’s. The movie is based on a 1980 manga from Shonen Jump.

I’m glad to see that Maimi is getting another chance to be a heroine in a movie since her acting is among the best (since she has already starred in stage plays and other movies), and even though there is no preview of her in the outfits for the movie it seems like this will be a great way for fans to see her once again as one of the stars.

I can’t find that much info about the manga but the name does suggest that it will be a movie full of action, and since the covers of the manga have an action filled theme it does seem like a great way for Yajima to show off her acting in that genre:

Hopefully fans buy a copy of the DVD when it is released, but for now I hope we get to see a preview sometime soon.

The movie will be released May 2011.

C-ute Blog Entry About Yajima Maimi In Black Angels

EDIT: Here is a promo pic featuring Maimi and another star:




5 responses

7 12 2010

yeah maimi :D
well her acting… its ok..
but this is a good chance for her to gain more experience…. and improve :D

lets hope shell be as good as toda erika later :D

anyways ill definitily watch :D

7 12 2010

‘seen this ????

8 12 2010

that is an awesome promo pic!

8 12 2010

Just random..

The dude is HOTT!

11 12 2010

LOVE that sexy boy! XD
and of course, Maimi looks stunning! Definitely a very attractive promo pic <3

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