Goto Maki – “Ashiato” PV Preview Released

30 11 2010

A PV preview for one of Goto Maki’s tracks from her second mini album titled Gloria has been released.

For the most part the PV doesn’t feature a set story since it just features Goto walking in a park and singing from a couch in different outfits, but despite it being a bit too simple I was amazed at how well it looked since she did seem to be singing along with the feeling of the song.

There doesn’t seem much to comment on the PV since it seems to be random scenes of her singing while walking, but I really like the way that Goto looks in the PV since the many outfits do fit her perfectly.

Overall the PV is somewhat hard to explain so I suggest that everyone watch it since it does look amazing while giving us a good idea of what the full PV and song look and sound like, and despite being somewhat short I am excited about this release since the songs sound impressive so far.

The release date is set for 1/12.

Video uploaded by: avexnetwork

Morning Musume – “Bravo!” Preview Released

30 11 2010

A radio preview for a track from Morning Musume’s 11th album titled Bravo! has been released.

From the start it’s easy to see that the title fits the song perfectly since the instrumental has an upbeat and catchy instrumental mixed with happy vocals from all of the members, and despite it being a bit too repetitive during some sections I did like it overall.

The song is somewhat hard to describe well, so I strongly suggest that fans listen to the preview since it does seem like a nice addition to the album with its happy beat and uplifting lyrics.

The release date is set for 12/1.

Video uploaded by: AlwaysYouu

Ohtani Masae – “ENDLESS LOVE” Cover Released

30 11 2010

The cover for Ohtani Masae’s 2nd physical single titled ENDLESS LOVE has been released.

When I first saw the cover I was amazed at how well it looks since it features Ohtani with red hair holding her head while looking to the side where the title and her artists name appear (apparently she now goes as Otani Masae A.K.A. HIMAWARI) and I love everything about it since the blank background really makes her stand out.

The physical release is still quite a bit away but the song was released in September as a digital release, so fans who haven’t bought it might want to pick up a copy of the single when it is released in a few months.

For now I am amazed at how well the cover looks since it does show of Ohtani’s unique colored hair style, and since the background is blank it does make her stand out quite a bit more than usual, so hopefully fans who like the song, cover or just want to support Ohtani decide to reserve a copy.

The release date is set for 2/9.

Official Ohtani Masae Blog Entry About Single Page For Ohtani Masae’s 2nd Single

Noto Arisa 4th Album Announced, Titled “a piece of Romance”

30 11 2010

Noto Arisa has announced her 4th album titled a piece of Romance.

I’m glad to see that Noto is releasing another album, and despite being a bit confused as to why she keeps releasing albums and not singles I do have to admit that I do like many of the songs she has released so far, and it’s great that she has been releasing consistently since she does have many loyal fans.

Along with the announcement of her 4th album we got a chance to see the cover, which features Noto posing on a mirror while smiling at the camera with her name and the title of the album in cursive, and even though it might be simple I really love the way it looks since it focuses on her.

For now we haven’t heard any previews (we probably won’t until the album is released) but I do hope that we can see a tracklist soon to find out what kind of songs might be included.

The release date is set for 12/12 (at H!P shops).

Noto Arisa Blog Entry About 4th Album

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