Oha Girl maple – “My School March” PV Released

23 11 2010

The PV for Oha Girl maple’s first PV titled My School March has been released.

The PV features a very impressive marching band theme complete with a marching band, a group of cheerleaders, a dozen people holding signs that read Oha Girl Maple, S/mileage as back dancers, and the Oha Girls, and despite being a bit too calm I have to admit that I love the way the PV looked since it definitely fit the theme of the song.

The song for the most part isn’t that impressing since it doesn’t feature any upbeat parts and it follows the rhythmic pattern of a marching song (that is the point of the song), and despite it not being that impressive I really liked the way it helped the PV go along smoothly.

The PV is very impressive, mostly due to the amount of people in it and the amount of choreography that it features since the marching band appears during the intro of the song, in the background during the song, as well as in the bridge of the song, along with the group of cheerleaders which did a great job of following the beat of the music.

Apart from that the dance for the song was somewhat slow since it followed the beat, but despite that it was great to see that they all danced perfectly and did their best, including S/mileage who sang and danced during the song along with the Oha Girls.

Overall the theme of the PV was one of the best I have seen since it featured a complete marching band, cheerleaders, and S/mileage as back dancers, and even though the song was somewhat slow I really liked the way that the PV looked.

Hopefully all S/mileage fans buy a copy of the single.

The release date is set for 11/24.

Video uploaded by: 5961934649



One response

24 11 2010

omygawd I love that band, the cheerleaders and every single bit of this PV (except the song) :OOOO~~ <3

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