Okai Chisato – “Chissaa” DVD Preview Released

23 11 2010

A preview for Okai Chisato’s first solo DVD titled Chissaa has been released on the official C-ute Youtube channel.

Like most solo DVD previews we get to see many scenes of the idol (Chisato) wearing casual clothes and bikinis while posing for the camera and smiling to a calm but catchy piano instrumental that loops for two or three minutes, and even though that may be true I was impressed with how great Chisa looked throughout the preview.

There are many scenes in the preview, from a road to a rocky pool, and in all of them we get a chance to see her either smile or glance at the camera in various outfits, which is very impressive since we haven’t had a chance to see her as the focus in a DVD.

The preview is somewhat hard to explain so I suggest everyone watches it, but overall the preview is very interesting since it features many great scenes and outfits, and since we can finally see Chisato as the highlight of her own DVD it will be interesting to find out how the full video will look.

Hopefully everyone gets a chance to check out the preview since it does look very impressive.

The release date is set for 12/24.

Video uploaded by: ocutechannel

Official Umeda Erika Twitter Opened

23 11 2010

Umeda Erika’s official Twitter account has been opened.

Her first tweet was:

The Umeda Erika! Twitter started! みんな、フォローしてください^^
English: The Umeda Erika! Twitter started! Everyone, please follow ^^

I’m glad to see that Erika has opened up a Twitter account since it gives her fans a chance to follow her through her new modeling career, and even though it has just opened we will most likely see many more Tweets during the next few weeks.

For now she has tweeted in Japanese, English (part of her first tweet), as well as in Korean, along with a few photos of her at work:

Hopefully we get to see more former and current H!P and UFA members make Twitter accounts so that fans can keep up with them, but for now I suggest Erika fans follow her account so they can get updates of what she is doing during the day.

Official Umeda Erika Twitter

Oha Girl maple – “My School March” PV Released

23 11 2010

The PV for Oha Girl maple’s first PV titled My School March has been released.

The PV features a very impressive marching band theme complete with a marching band, a group of cheerleaders, a dozen people holding signs that read Oha Girl Maple, S/mileage as back dancers, and the Oha Girls, and despite being a bit too calm I have to admit that I love the way the PV looked since it definitely fit the theme of the song.

The song for the most part isn’t that impressing since it doesn’t feature any upbeat parts and it follows the rhythmic pattern of a marching song (that is the point of the song), and despite it not being that impressive I really liked the way it helped the PV go along smoothly.

The PV is very impressive, mostly due to the amount of people in it and the amount of choreography that it features since the marching band appears during the intro of the song, in the background during the song, as well as in the bridge of the song, along with the group of cheerleaders which did a great job of following the beat of the music.

Apart from that the dance for the song was somewhat slow since it followed the beat, but despite that it was great to see that they all danced perfectly and did their best, including S/mileage who sang and danced during the song along with the Oha Girls.

Overall the theme of the PV was one of the best I have seen since it featured a complete marching band, cheerleaders, and S/mileage as back dancers, and even though the song was somewhat slow I really liked the way that the PV looked.

Hopefully all S/mileage fans buy a copy of the single.

The release date is set for 11/24.

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Morning Musume – “1 Kara 10 Made Aishite Hoshii” Radio Preview Released

23 11 2010

A preview for one of the tracks from Momusu’s 11th album titled 1 Kara 10 Made Aishite Hoshii has been released.

Even though the preview is somewhat short I really liked what I heard since it features an upbeat but calm beat with group lines, which sounded a bit generic although still a great addition to the album.

For the most part it is somewhat hard to describe the song since it has a beat that is upbeat although not that catchy, but I really liked the way how everyone sounded since there wasn’t a spotlight on only one member.

Overall the song is somewhat hard to describe so I suggest that you listen to it since it does have a happy beat, and even though it isn’t a full preview it does give a general idea of what it is about.

Hopefully everyone gets a chance to listen to the preview since the GakiKame interaction at the end is a great addition.

The release date is set for 12/1.

Video uploaded by: 21gaki3desu

Mano Erina – “More Friends” Album Previews Released

23 11 2010

Previews for three songs from Mano’s 2nd album titled More Friends have been released.

The previews are for Dare ni mo Iwanaide, Tomorrow, and Gomen, Hanashitakatta Dake.

Dare ni mo Iwanaide

Video uploaded by: dahisukesweet

The first preview features a calm beat which isn’t that impressive, although it does give the album a great ballad to balance out the happy upbeat songs, and even though it isn’t as catchy I really like the way that Mano sounds in it since it shows off her great voice.


Tomorrow is another ballad, but unlike Dare ni mo Iwanaide it has a somewhat more complex instrumental with many different vocals, which are interesting to hear although it does seem that the song repeats itself quite a bit.

Gomen, Hanashitakatta Dake

Videos uploaded by: 5fs9

Gomen, Hanashitakatta Dake is the most upbeat from the three previews that were released which is great since it sets it apart from the others, and since it has a slightly mature upbeat sound it fits along with the others perfectly, despite the preview being somewhat short.

Overall Mano’s 2nd album seems to have a slightly more mature sound to it than her previous album, but since we only got a chance to listen to three of the seven new songs we might have only heard the ballads and not the upbeat songs, so hopefully fans buy the album so that they can find out how the rest of the new songs sound and to support Mano.

The release date is set for 11/24.

Kumai Yurina’s Alo Hello! PB Titled “KumaSpo!”

23 11 2010

Kumai Yurina’s 1st Alo Hello! PB has been revealed to be titled KumaSpo! (Eng: Kuma Sport).

As the title suggests the PB will be focused on sports, which is interesting since we haven’t recently seen any PBs with a sport theme in quite a while, but since Kumai is athletic I’m not that surprised to see that they are going to try this out with her Alo Hello.

The title is somewhat catchy which is great for fans and Kumai since her PB will most likely stand out among the rest, and even though we haven’t seen a cover yet I wouldn’t be surprised to see that it features Kumai in a bikini with a volleyball or at the beach practicing a sport.

Hopefully we get to see a cover or some kind of preview sometime soon since this PB looks like a great release for Kumai fans.

The release date is set for 12/17.

Kumai Yurina PB Section On Official H!P Site

Arihara Kanna’s 1st Solo DVD Announced

23 11 2010

Kanna’s first solo DVD, currently untitled, has been announced.

I’m glad to see that we are finally getting a confirmation on the solo DVD since it has been a while since the PB and DVD were confirmed, but since it was delayed for a few weeks we didn’t have a clear idea when it was going to be released.

For now there are no previews for the solo DVD, but fans who follow Kanna’s blog should have a general idea of what to expect since she has posted pictures of her at some of the places where she is shooting (only from behind the scenes though).

Hopefully we get a DVD sometime soon since it seems that this release will be very interesting.

The release date is set for 1/27/2011.

HMV Page For Kanna’s Solo DVD