Suzuki Airi Will Be In A Drama Titled “Keitai Kanojo”

22 11 2010

According to a recent Sanspo article Suzuki Airi will be in a DVD horror drama series title Keitai Kanojo.

Here is a translation of the article from Chobineko:

°C-ute and Buono! member Airi Suzuki (16) will take on her first starring role in the straight-to-DVD horror drama series “Keitai Kanojo.” The series will also feature Gravure Japan 2010 winner Seika Taketomi (15), acting for the first time.

“Keitai Kanojo” is based on the popular mobile phone novel of the same name. It is the sequel to “Keitai Kareshi,” which was turned into a movie last year starring 9nine’s Umika Kawashima (16).

In “Keitai Kanojo,” Suzuki plays a high school student investigating the mystery behind a mobile phone dating simulation game. Taketomi plays a girl who appears within the game, somehow killing the male players one by one.

Geneon Universal will release the drama in April 2011.

When I first saw the announcement about Airi in a horror drama I was really happy since it has been a while since we have seen her act in a series recently, and since the drama features a unique and interesting story it is sure to be a great release for her fans everywhere.

The story is yet again a horror themed release (most of the H!P movies seem to be horror themed) which is a great chance for Airi to show us how great of an actress she is, and since she is sharing the spotlight with a gravure model it will be interesting to see how their talents help them in their roles.

For now there are no previews of the drama since it has just been announced, but hopefully we can see shots or a trailer for the drama appear in the following few weeks.

The release date for the movie is set for April 2011.

Tosp Mobile Site For The Movie

Sanspo Article About The Movie

Okai Chisato 1st PB and Solo DVD Details Released

22 11 2010

In a recent Ustream broadcast Chisato revealed that her first PB will be titled Chisato and that her solo DVD will be titled Chisa. Along with that she showed viewers the cover of her PB.

I’m glad to see that we are finally getting more information about Chisa’s PB since it has been a while since we last heard from it (apart from the Ustream broadcasts showing the scenes where they were shooting) and it’s great to see that we have found out how it will look and how it will be titled.

Like most first PBs the title is usually the name of the idol, and I’m not surprised to see that the PB will be titled Chisato, although I have to admit that I like the way it sounds since it does quickly identify that Chisa is the star of the PB.

As for the cover that we got to see on  the broadcast, I am very impressed with it since it features Chisato in a bikini smiling at the camera with the Kanji for her name behind her, and even though it is a bit hard to notice most of the details I really like what we can see so far.

Overall the PB is looking great so far, with an interesting cover and a great title, and even though we haven’t found out more about the solo DVD release that she mentioned we will hopefully get an official confirmation sometime soon.

The release date for the PB is set for 11/24.

Ohtani Masae – “Killing My Caddy” Single Announced

22 11 2010

Ohtani Masae’s first solo physical release titled Killing My Caddy has been announced. The single has already been released as a digital download.

I’m glad to see that we are finally getting a release date for Ohtani Masae’s first physical single since many of her fans will most likely want to support her by buying a copy, and even though it does seem like the digital release was quite a long time ago it’s great to see that she is finally starting of her solo career well.

Along with the announcement of her single we got a chance to see what appear to be covers, and I have to admit that I really like the way that they look since they feature a cool black and white theme with the only colors coming from her colored bangs, and despite not knowing where Himawari came from I really like the way that it looks.

I couldn’t find a preview of her song on Youtube but it does seem like this will be an interesting release for all Ohtani fans, so hopefully they all reserve a copy of this single to support her.

The release date is set for 1/12/2011. Page For Ohtani Masae’s Single

“Pucchi Best 11” Tracklist Released

22 11 2010

1. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai
2. Appare Kaiten Zushi! (Kurazushi Ver.)
3. Maji Bomber!!
4.Dance de Bakoon!
5.Genkimono de Ikou!
6. Yumemiru Fifteen
7. Our Songs
8. Going On!
9. Little♡Princess☆Pri!
10. Elegant Girl
11. Ramen Revolution (2010 Long Type)
12. Nusunda Heart wa Koko desu yo?
13. ○○ Ganbaranakutemo Ee nen de!! (TopNude Remix Version 02)

The tracklist for Hello! Project’s annual compilation album titled Pucchi Best 11 has been released.

For the most part there seems to be about one or two tracks for each group as expected, which is great news since it gives fans a “taste” of each group without having to buy all of the singles, but I have to admit that I was surprised to see that they are adding an alternate version for Muten Musume’s release along with three bonus tracks.

For those who might not know Ramen Revolution seems to be the song used for promotion in the CMs for Nissin while Nusunda Heart wa Koko desu yo? seems to be the theme of Reina’s Kaito Reinya anime, and even though they seem a bit out of place in the album they look like great bonuses for fans to enjoy.

Hopefully fans who haven’t had a chance to buy the singles reserve a copy of this album since it does seem like a great way to enjoy some of the releases from H!P this year.

The release date is set for 12/15. Page For H!P’s Pucchi Best 11