Goto Maki’s 2nd Mini Album Announced, Titled “Gloria”

10 11 2010

From left to right: Regular, CD+DVD, Quixote CD+DVD


  1. Ashiato
  2. Hanataba
  3. Koi Hitoyo
  4. Fake
  5. Age ♂ Kyoku


  • Ashiato (Music Video)
  • 「2010.6.3 Goto Maki PREMIUM LIVE」 LIVE VIDEO
    • 1. Lady Rise
    • 2. Houseki
    • 3. EYES

Goto Maki’s 2nd mini album titled Gloria has been announced.

There will be three editions of the mini-album: Regular, CD+DVD, and Quixote’s CD+DVD (apparently only available at Quixote stores).

I’m glad to see that the rumors about Goto’s 2nd mini album were true since she is a very talented performer that has done well so far with her releases outside of UFA, and even though the release date for this mini album is still a few months away fans will most likely want to reserve their copy as soon as possible.

The covers were released along with the announcement and they are stunning to say the least since they feature Goto in a black dress and background while blue lights flash around her (yellow in the Quixote version), and despite being a bit too simple I love the way they look since they have a great elegant theme.

As for the tracklist we get to see five songs on the CD and four videos on the DVD, and I have to admit that I am curious about the tracklist since there are many unique titles, such as Fake and Koi Hitoyo which sound like they will be very deep and catchy songs.

And fortunately we don’t have to wait that much for some previews since there are short previews of two songs song the site (Gloria and Koi Hitoyo), and from what I heard Gloria has a catchy and upbeat sound that sounds amazing to say the least, and the second preview, Koi Hitoyo, has a soft and catchy R&B sound that sounds interesting.

Overall this mini album looks amazing since it has elegant and stunning covers, and interesting tracklist, and (so far) two amazing songs with unique sounds and beat, and even though I usually don’t listen to Goto that much lately I am looking forward to this release.

Hopefully all Goto fans reserve their copy of the mini album as soon as possible.

The release date is set for 1/12/2011.

Goto Maki Site Link To Mini Information Article on Goto’s Mini-Album

EDIT: Previews are available on the site although there is no direct link to the player, so on the site (link below image) click on the 2nd button on the left image (shown in red below) to launch the player, and select the first or third song (the others are not available):

Official Goto Maki Site

New Berryz Koubou Song Used As ED For Inazuma Eleven Wii Game

10 11 2010

According to an article, a new Berryz Koubou song titled Magical Future! will be the ED for the new Inazuma Eleven Wii game.

When I saw the announcement I was very surprised since I didn’t expect to see a new Berryz Koubou song for a while, much less as the ED in a videogame, but it’s great that they will perform another song since it gives them a bit more promotion.

For now we don’t really know if this will be their next single, a standalone song, or something else, so we don’t have much from where to speculate apart from the title which sounds very interesting to say the least.

Right now there isn’t much info about this new song but we should get more details during the next few weeks.

Kamei Eri’s Sotsugyou PB Titled “THANKS”

10 11 2010

The title for Kamei Eri’s special graduation commemoration PB has been revealed to be THANKS.

Even though the title looks a bit simple I have to admit that I love how it sounds since a PB full of special Kamei pictures and the title THANKS seems like a nice way to thank all of her fans for years of support.

For now we only have the title, but we should get a cover sometime during the next few weeks, so hopefully it fits the title of the PB well.

The release date is set for 12/5.

Official H!P Site Info Page For Kamei Eri’s PBs

C-ute – “Aitai Lonely Christmas” Bigger Covers Released

10 11 2010

From left to right: Regular, Limited A, Limited B

Bigger covers for C-ute’s 14th single titled Aitai Lonely Christmas have been released.

I’m glad to see that bigger covers have been released since we didn’t get to see that many details on the small previews on the H!P site, and even though they are not that big they should give us a look at what the covers look like from closer.

For the most part there aren’t that many differences from the small previews, but we do get a chance to see the small details, such as the background of the Limited A cover as well as the frosty font used for the title of the single.

Overall the covers all still look amazing since the winter theme fits each one of the covers, and even though the theme of the solo close-ups seems a bit too overused I really like the way that they all look.

The release date is set for 12/1.