Morning Musume – “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game” PV Released

3 11 2010

The HQ PV for Morning Musume’s 44th single titled Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game has been released.

It didn’t take long for a better quality PV to be released, which is somewhat surprising since we usually have to wait a while until the HQ PV is released, despite that the PV isn’t the best quality but it still is a lot better than the LQ PV that was released on Recochoku.

That being said the PV has five main settings: the white room at the beginning of the PV, the black mirror floor with lights, the pond with flowers, the black hallway, and another white room with a few random gray cubes, and despite it being a bit too random during some bits of the PV I liked the way the scenes all looked since they were unique and interesting.

The white room at the beginning doesn’t feature much apart from a completely empty setting, and I liked that they started the song from this area since it was a calm and simple way of starting off the PV, and even though it didn’t feature much apart from the dance shot it was a nice addition to the PV.

The shot with the black mirror floor appears quite a bit, and even though it was a somewhat simple setting (since it was only a floor and some lights) I loved the way it looked since Momusu stood out while dancing because of the colorful outfits.

The shot of Momusu dressed in elegant dresses in a flowery pond is my favorite shot of the PV since everyone looks amazing here, and since they stand in the middle of the pond with flowers falling around them and sing looking up at the camera while sitting in the pond it was a great shot that added a nice touch to the PV.

The dark hallway was somewhat surprising since the outfits didn’t really match at all, but I really liked the way that everyone sang in their own way while posing and even though it didn’t really fit with the other shots it was a great way to show off everyone while they were singing.

The white room with cubes seemed to be somewhat familiar to the ones used in Shining Power from Berryz Koubou, but despite that I liked the way they looked since everyone stood out.

For the most part what I mentioned before on the LQ PV post still holds true after I saw the decent quality PV since I was very amazed at how well everyone looked, and I watched it quite a few times since it is very impressive (although the first time I was distracted by how much Ai-chan’s ponytail jumped when she danced).

Overall the PV was one of the best I have seen from Momusu since the many settings, angles, shots, and effects along with the dance, song, and expressions from each one of the members combined to form a very impressive PV for a uniquely dark ballad.

Hopefully all fans get a chance to see the PV and reserve a copy of their single.

The release date is set for 11/17.

Video uploaded by: circusls06dd

Morning Musume – “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game” LQ PV Released

3 11 2010

A LQ version of the PV for Morning Musume’s 44th single titled Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game has been released.

Like always I like to give a small warning to fans: the PV was recorded from a cellphone which means that the quality is low, so I strongly suggest those that prefer to see HQ PVs to wait until a higher quality version of the PV is released.

The PV features many various shots and angles, from a white room, to a pond filled with flowers, a black mirror floor with lights behind, a room with black walls, and a white room with randomly placed cubes in the background, and even though the different parts of the PV seemed to have been pieced together I am very impressed and I love how the PV came out.

There are only two outfits in the PV, the color outfits for each member and their princess outfits, but they fit in well with the different settings, and even though I would have liked to see them dance in the princess outfits I was very impressed with the way they looked.

The dance wasn’t complicated but it fit the elegant and harsh theme of the song perfectly since the moves became slower on the violin instrumental and harder when the beat increased, which was impressing and a nice touch since each move seems to flow along with the music.

There seems to have been five different settings: two white, two dark, and a pond filled with flowers, and even though it seems a bit random I really liked the way they made them contrast since the settings are both white and dark, in the same way the song is sad and harsh (to put it one way).

Overall I loved the PV since it had many different scenes with two different outfits, a great dance, and an amazing theme, and even though the quality was somewhat low I was amazed at how well it looks since they did a great job of showing everyone more equally than in past PVs.

Since it is LQ I will wait until a higher quality version is released to give my full opinion, so I won’t go into depth but hopefully a higher quality is released soon since the PV looks amazing so far.

The release date is set for 11/17.

Video uploaded by: morninng999

Berryz Koubou – “Shining Power” HQ Covers Released:

3 11 2010

Top (from left to right): Regular, Limited A, Limited B
Bottom left: Limited C, Bottom Right: Inazuma Edition

HQ covers of Berryz Koubou’s 24th single titled Shining Power have been released.

We already got a chance to see the LQ previews from the H!P site but I am glad that we finally get a chance to see better previews since we can see the many great poses and outfits that Berryz Koubou are wearing, and even though they look basically the same I have to admit that I love how they all look.

Before I give my opinion on the covers I would like to point out an error on the covers:

At first glance there doesn’t seem to be much wrong, but if you zoom into the Regular, Limited A, B, or C covers you may notice that they list the c/w as Sono Subete no Ai ni, which as we all know is wrong since the c/w is titled Chotto Samishii na, so I hope they correct the error (although it isn’t that noticeable) since it is after all a very impressing single.

That being said I am very impressed with how great all of the covers look since we get a chance to see different themes, such as the Regular cover which features a simple but amazing group shot with Kumai, Momo, and Miyabi at the front, and even though it is simple I really like the way everyone looks since the gray background really makes everyone stand out well.

The Limited A features a Maji Bomber collage styled cover with all of the members in dramatic poses, and despite it being a bit too crowded (since the title seems to have been placed there since it didn’t fit well) I really like it since everyone has great poses such as Kumai’s smile or Chii’s stare.

The Limited B features all of the members in long tiles, and I have to admit that this one was among my favorites since it features everyone equally while showing off everyone’s impressive expression. The Limited C features everyone standing in a row and despite it being a bit boring I really liked how it came out since it left enough room for the title.

The Inazuma Eleven cover features some characters from the anime running, and even though I don’t follow the series I really liked how the cover came out since the blue title mixed in well with the blue sky of the picture.

Overall all of the covers were very impressing since they featured unique poses, themes, and expressions, and even though the background wasn’t that impressing I loved how all of the members looked since they each stand out in their own way.

The release date is set for 11/10.

Lilpri – “Idolulu” PV Released

3 11 2010

The PV for Lilpri’s 2nd single titled Idolulu has been released.

Since the PV is for an anime group I wasn’t expecting much, and for the most part I was correct since most of the PV features only a few shots, most notable the dance shot with some close-up shots and a shot of Lilpri holding up their wands at the end of the PV.

Despite that the PV looks great and it fits the simple beat of the song, and since it is aimed at fans of the anime it was somewhat expected that we would see the dance shot as the main shot since fans would have liked to learn it and dance along.

Overall it is a simple theme that matches the simple beat of the song, although I really liked the way the green screen looked since the floating palace setting seemed very well made, so hopefully fans of the group can watch the PV since it is worth at least one look.

The release date is set for 11/17.

Video uploaded by: upfrontchannel

New Morning Musume Individual Profile Pictures For “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game”

3 11 2010

The individual profile pictures for Morning Musume have been updated for their 44th single titled Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game.

We already got a chance to see the outfits in the group picture and the PV preview so the full outfit pictures aren’t a surprise, but I am glad to see that we get full body pictures since it gives us a chance to check out the outfits and Momusu in more details.

As we found out a while ago the outfits for the single are somewhat simple when compared to previous singles, but despite that I was surprised to see that the colors and simplicity combined well and gave the oufits a great look.

As for Momusu there wasn’t really that many changes apart from Ai-chan and Jun Jun getting a ponytail, Reina and Mitsui getting different styles, and Lin Lin getting a slight “Reina” look, and even though that isn’t a big difference I am glad to see that they look as amazing as always.

Apart from the colored dresses they are wearing white boots, which is a great idea since it gives them a similar look, and even though they aren’t that impressive I am glad that they didn’t decide to go with matching boots for each dress.

Overall the outfits and hairstyles are a nice, impressive, and simple theme that somehow doesn’t match the song at first glance, and even though that may be the case I really like how they look since they are simple and they give each member a nice way of standing out.

The release date is set for 11/17.

Official H!P Page For Morning Musume

Official STICKAM S/mileage Page Opened

3 11 2010

The official STICKAM S/mileage page has been opened.

I’m not that familiar with STICKAM, but it seems that it is a website for live-streaming video (according to their Wiki page), which is very impressive news since this might mean that they are going to focus on bringing fans more live feeds with S/mileage.

The page, for now, features a Twitter feed featuring Tweets from fans and S/mileage, a Youtube video for the remix of their single Ganbaranakutemo ee Nende!, a feed of news from their official site, and links to their blogs, and even though that might not seem as much we will most likely get to see even more as time goes by.

Hopefully all S/mileage fans can check out the site, and even though we don’t know why they opened up the page now we will most likely get an announcement sometime in the future.

Official S/mileage STICKAM

Takahashi Ai – “Figure” Blu-ray Announced

3 11 2010

A blu-ray edition of Takahashi Ai’s solo DVD titled Figure has been announced.

I am surprised to see that they will be releasing Ai-chan’s Figure DVD as a blu-ray since this would be among the first solo blu-ray releases from H!P, and even though the DVD was released quite a while ago I am glad that Ai-chan fans will be able to enjoy it in higher definition.

Since it was only a matter of time until they decided to release a solo blu-ray it doesn’t surprise me that they chose to use Ai-chan’s latest solo DVD as a test since she is a very popular member.

Most fans already know what to expect but hopefully there are many who decide to buy it in higher quality since this will most likely be a very interesting release (the words “Ai-chan in blu-ray quality” will definitely convince many fans).

The release date is set for 12/22.

E-hon Page For Takahashi Ai’s Figure Blu-ray

C-ute FC Event “~Cutie Land 5 ~Happy Merry Christmas” Announced

3 11 2010

An FC event for C-ute titled C-ute FC Event Dai 13 Dan! ~Cutie Land 5 ~Happy merry Christmas has been announced.

I’m glad to see that an FC event has been scheduled for Christmas since it is a great chance to promote their single, and even though the day might be somewhat busy for many there will most likely be more than a few fans at the event to support C-ute.

This event is FC only, but despite that it will be fun to see what the setlist is and the fans reaction when the event occurs.

Not much info has been released about the event, but we will most likely see them perform many of their singles (Aitai Lonely Christmas for sure) so hopefully fans who will attend this event are ready to enjoy a great performance.

The event will be on 12/25 at Yokohama Blitz in Kanagawa from 9:00 (JST).

Official UFA Page For The C-ute Christmas Event

C-ute “Cutie Musical Akuma no Tsubuyaki ~Akuma de Kyutto na Seishun Graffiti~” DVD Announced

3 11 2010

The DVD for C-ute’s musical titled Cutie Musical Akuma no Tsubuyaki ~Akuma de Kyutto na Seishun Graffiti~ has been announced.

It’s great to see that the DVD for this musical has been released since many fan have mentioned how great it was, and since not all C-ute fans went to see it personally it gives us a chance to see it from the comfort of our own home.

There weren’t that many fan reports but from the few that I read it seemed that it was very interesting since all C-ute members participated and got a chance to shine, and even though there weren’t that many pictures of C-ute acting we will most likely get to see a preview in a few weeks.

For now we don’t have much information but we should see previews or a cover sometime in the next few weeks, so hopefully they turn out great.

The release date is set for 1/19/2011.

E-hon Page For C-ute’s Stage Play DVD

C-ute “Concert Tour 2010 ~Dance Special!! Chou Ura Naito!~” DVD Announced

3 11 2010

The DVD for C-ute’s Concert Tour 2010 ~Dance Special!! Chou Ura Naito!~ has been announced.

Here is the setlist for one of the concerts, and most likely the future tracklist:

1. Dance de Bakoon!
Solo Dance Introduction
2. Disco Queen
3. Tokaikko Junjou
MC – Self Intro, Fortune Telling corner (led by Chisato)
4. Kore Ijou Kirawaretakunai no
5. Bye Bye Bye!
6. Soku Dakishimete
Omikuji Talk (Yajima, Nakajima)
7. The Party! (Suzuki, Okai, Hagiwara)
8. Homerare Nobiko no Theme Kyoku
9. Special Dance Medley
– Kiiroi Osora de BOOM BOOM BOOM
– Uchuu de La Ta Ta
– Seishun Custard (Nakajima, Okai, Hagiwara)
– SHALL WE LOVE? (Yajima, Suzuki, Hagiwara)
– GET UP! Rapper
10. SHOCK!
VTR (Mission Unit Night)
11. Massara Blue Jeans
12. Tachiagare Otome Tachi
Twitter Notes (Suzuki, Okai, Hagiwara, led by Suzuki
14. One’s LIFE (Yajima, Nakajima)
15. Meguru Koi no Kisetsu
16. Ooki na Ai de Motenashite
17. Seishun song
18. Campus Life ~Umarete Kita Yokatta~
19. Natsu DOKI Lipstick

20. JUMP
21. Wasuretakunai Natsu

22. Tsuugaku Vector

I’m glad to see that the DVD is finally being announced for this concert tour since it gives C-ute fans a chance to reserve their copy as soon as possible, and even though some fans might wait for the future blu-ray announcement (not confirmed but almost all DVDs get blu-rays) I hope that many decide to buy the DVD.

For the most part the setlist for the concert was amazing since there is a nice mix of old and new songs, which most likely means that fans are in for a treat when the DVD is released.

Many fans already got to see the concert when it was broadcast on Ustream so hopefully those fans that watched it on Ustream and liked it decide to buy a copy of the DVD.

The release date is set for 12/22.

E-hon Page For C-ute’s Dance Special!! Chou Ura Naito! DVD