C-ute – “Aitai Lonely Christmas” DVD Tracklist Released

1 11 2010

  • Limited Ver. A DVD: Christmas House Ver.
  • Limited Ver. B DVD: Christmas Night Ver.

The DVD track lists for the limited editions of C-ute’s 14th single titled Aitai Lonely Christmas have been released.

I’m glad to see that we finally get to find out what we will see in the DVDs since it gives us some hints at what to expect from the PV, and I have to admit I was excited when I saw the titles of the two videos included since they aren’t the usual Dance or Close-up shots we see in limited edition DVDs.

This time the two bonus videos feature two different versions of the PV titled Christmas House and Christmas Night, which sound as interesting as they are vague since they don’t really give us an idea of what they will contain.

The Christmas House sounds like it will feature a shot of C-ute inside of a house or a building, and the Christmas Night version sounds like it will feature C-ute singing outside in the night, but since we haven’t seen much of the PV apart from this image we don’t really have much of an idea what to expect:

It seems that there will be at least one snow scene in the PV, and even though we have no idea what other scenes to expect I really like what I can see so far since the snow covered trees along with the night sky and C-ute in their winter costumes all look amazing.

Despite that I look forward to this release since the PV image, tracklist, and the previews for both of the songs all look very interesting so far, so hopefully all fans buy a copy of the single.

The release date is set for 12/1.

Sony Music Shop Page For C-ute’s 14th Single – Limited A

Sony Music Shop Page For C-ute’s 14th Single – Limited B



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