Berryz Koubou Special Ustream Broadcast Announced

1 11 2010

According to a recent H!P page post there will be a very special Ustream broadcast for Berryz Koubou’s 24th single titled Shining Power.

The Ustream broadcast will feature the opportunity for fans to chat with Berryz Koubou members live on Ustream. To participate fans must buy the Inazuma Eleven edition of the single where a postcard will be included, they then must fill out the postcard with details such as their name, their favorite Berryz Koubou member, and what they want to talk about with the member.

The postcard will then be sent to UFA where they select a few and the Berryz Koubou member will call the fan live to chat.

I’m very impressed with the promotion with this single so far since they are really trying hard to promote it in unique ways when compared to their last single (which didn’t have any promotion at all), and even though there  aren’t that many TV performances planned this and other events planned are very impressive.

Even though this event is targeted at fans it seems like a great way to promote and encourage fans to buy the single since most Berryz fans would like to meet their idols and talk to them to show their support, and this event is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Hopefully many fans buy a copy of the single to participate since this seems like a unique way to promote the single.

The release date is set for 11/17.

Official H!P Post About Ustream Broadcast



2 responses

1 11 2010

Yaaaay news~~~~
btw u got your 900 000 hits!!! :D
嬉しい です!!!

1 11 2010

I just noticed that, thanks for pointing that out ^_^

Thank you! ^o^

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