Alo Hello! Kumai Yurina PB Announced

1 11 2010

A PB for Kumai Yurina titled Alo Hello! Kumai Yurina has been announced.

The PB was first mentioned in an insert of the Hello! Channel vol 2 mook and it was later confirmed to be a PB by a UFA staff account tweet.

I’m surprised to see that they will be releasing an Alo-Hello! for Kumai since this would make it the first Alo-Hello! for an H!P Kids group as well as the first PB for Kumai in more than a year, and even though there isn’t much info about it I am happy to see that we at least get a confirmation for it.

Hopefully previews for the PB appear soon since it does seem like it will be a great PB for Kumai fans.

The release date is set for 12/17.

UFA Staff Account Tweet Confirming PB



One response

2 11 2010

DANG! Yurina is on a roll!!!

First she is is center in their recent PV

and now a PV!

Yurina is the best!! :D

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