Oha Girl maple with S/mileage “My School March” Covers Released

26 10 2010

Left – Regular, Right – Limited

The covers for Oha Girl maple with S/mileage’s 1st single titled My School March have been released.

Like the title suggests the Oha Girls are wearing marching outfits (I think S/mileage is as well) and even though the covers don’t feature a complicated theme or an outdoor setting I love how they look overall since the blue sky background in the Regular cover and the purple bubble background in the Limited version fit the happy theme of the song.

It appears that S/mileage (minus Ogawa) is just standing in the back holding blue flags while the Oha Girls are in front wearing golden outfits, and even though it might look a bit unfair it was somewhat expected since the main highlights of the single are the Oha Girls.

That being said I like how each one of the marching uniforms looks a bit different since they add a bit more of a unique touch to the covers, and since they are as colorful as the simple but interesting covers they match in perfectly.

Overall the covers are a bit simple but I am glad to see that they have a colorful, bright and happy theme that matches the mood of the songs included.

Hopefully S/mileage fans buy a copy of the single.

The release date is set for 11/24.

S/mileage Site With Covers For Oha Girl’s 1st Single



One response

27 10 2010

Nuuuuuu D: I always called then Lilpri with Oha girl XD

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