New C-ute Profile Pictures For “Aitai Lonely Christmas”

26 10 2010

The profile pictures for C-ute’s 13th single Aitai Lonely Christmas have been updated on the official H!P site.

For the most part the costumes are exactly like the ones we saw on the Youtube channel for C-ute, and even though there aren’t that many surprises I really like how the full costumes look since they fit the Christmas theme perfectly.

Maimi has a white snowflake poncho with a cute white hat, black boots, and skirt, and even though it looks a bit difficult to dance in we will most likely see a slower dance routine for the song which should be easier for her.

Nakky has a white hat as well along with a giant white scarf, a black shirt, boots and a flowery skirt, and even though she will most likely not dance with the giant scarf (since it might fall of) it definitely adds to Nakky’s unique image.

Airi has a cute white poncho as well along with a black skirt, white hat with a black bow, and cute winter boots, and like always, at least to me, Airi seems to have the best outfit since it is wintery as well as easy to dance in (although she might have some trouble with arm movements).

Chisato got one of the most unique outfits since she is the only one in the group with a leopard hat, a cute white skirt, and brown boots, and even though the leopard pattern doesn’t seem to mix well it adds a nice touch to the group since it easily points out Chisa.

Mai got a similar outfit to Chisa, although she has a fluffy vest along with a black skirt, and even though we haven’t seen the PV yet or heard the song she will most likely stand out among the rest because of her cute pink shirt and white hat.

Overall the outfits fit the wintery Christmas theme of the title well, and even though we haven’t seen or heard the PV or song I look forward to doing so and seeing if the outfits fit in well.

Hopefully we get to see a preview sometime soon.

The release date is set for 12/1.

Official H!P Profile Page For C-ute




2 responses

26 10 2010

I just realized how amazing it would be if Chisato joined the Cheetah Girls.

26 10 2010

Maybe they won’t be using those clothes for the dance shot? Like what they did in Dance de Bakoon?

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