Abe Natsumi – “Natsu-Mi” PB Cover Released

17 10 2010

The cover for Abe Natsumi’s 10th PB titled Natsu-Mi has been released.

As you might have noticed the cover is a bit more mature than what we are used to seeing (it reminds me a bit of a picture from Nocchi’s 1st PB), but I really like how it looks since the perfect combination of the white wall in the background and Abe’s apparent lack of clothes (she most likely has something on) combine to make a unique cover.

As you might remember the cover for the DVD features Abe playfully resting at the beach while enjoying the view, which is a complete contrast with this cover since it simply features a white wall, Abe and a white title, and even though that may be the case I love how the theme has an artistic look to it.

Pictures from the mid-chest up without nothing on are not new to UFA since Nocchi had a few of them in her previous PB, but I am surprised to see that they went with this kind of theme for the PB cover since it might mean we get to see somewhat more mature and grown up pictures from Abe in this PB.

Since we have no previews of the PB we will have to wait and see if we get a similar theme in the PB, but so far I am very impressed with the artistic cover that we got since the combination of the white wall, Abe, and the white and black title are amazing.

Hopefully all Abe fans buy a copy of the PB.

The release date is set for 10/30.

Wanibooks Site For Abe’s 10th PB



6 responses

18 10 2010

I can see this getting Wota aproval. o-o She is gorgeous though XD

18 10 2010

:o . shocking…. xD well not really shocking.. but not used to see abe like that.. :p
nacchi looks great ^^

18 10 2010

I wanna see more…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

18 10 2010
Dave Snow

Looks gross to me. What is H!P coming to…… tsk tsk…..

18 10 2010

Nacchi isn’t in H!P, she graduated a year ago. This is a UFA release XD

18 10 2010
Dave Snow

Ok, then what is UFA coming to… I still don’t like it. My opinion.

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