Konno Asami Will Be A TV Tokyo Announcer

1 10 2010

According to an announcement by the official H!P site Konno Asami will be an announcer on TV Tokyo by next year.

This was mentioned quite a while ago by a newspaper, but I’m glad to see that we finally get a confirmation since it is great news for Konno and her fans everywhere mainly because TV Tokyo is one of the major television stations in Tokyo.

There is still quite a bit of time left until we can get to hear Konno as an announcer, but hopefully by then all H!P fans who tune into TV Tokyo get a chance to hear her.

Konno will be a TV Tokyo announcer starting April 2011.

Official H!P Announcement About Konno At TV Tokyo



3 responses

1 10 2010

This Officially made my day!!!!!!

3 10 2010

Oooooh Konkon ^0^

3 10 2010

nice one for konno..
she became silent for quite a time and finally we can hear her
in TV tokyo…
good luck konkon…

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