Mano Erina Will Be In A Short Movie

21 09 2010

Mano Erina has revealed in her blog that she will be in a short movie. The short movie is one of many that will form part of a project titled A bed ~Nijuu Sai no Koi (Eng: A bed ~20 year old love).

She will play the leading role in the 1st movie titled Atsuko. The movie will debut on the first day of the Sapporo Short Fest 2010 film festival which will take place in October, Mano will be there for the premiere.

I’m glad to see that Mano will appear in another movie since she is one of the few members of H!P to regularly appear on film or TV, and even though it isn’t a full feature film I am glad to see that she will play the lead of the 1st story.

For now there isn’t much information since much (basically all) of what we know comes from Mano, but hopefully we find out more about the story since the title of the movie sounds interesting.

The film festival will take place from 10/06 ~ 10/11.

Mano Erina Blog Entry About Movie

Sapporo Film Festival Site



2 responses

21 09 2010
22 09 2010

I’m glad she’s becoming more active when it comes to acting!
I haven’t actually seen her acting ^^’ but since she’s acting so much I’m sure she’s pretty talented!

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