Tsuji Nozomi To Have A Boy

31 08 2010

Tsuji Nozomi has revealed that her 2nd child will be a boy.

It has been quite a while since the announcement of her 2nd pregnancy but I’m glad that we finally get the news about her second child being a boy since many of us have wondered whether it was a boy or girl since the announcement was first made.

As you may recall Taiyou had hoped for a boy so most likely he is very excited and pleased with the news, and I am happy as well since this means that Noa will soon have a brother to play with.

Hopefully we soon get a chance to find out the name they have chosen for him, but for now congratulations to the happy couple!

Oricon Article About Tsuji’s Announcement

Cinema today Article About Tsuji’s Announcement



8 responses

31 08 2010

hooray for Tsuji and Taiyou!!
i’m so happy for them x3

1 09 2010

They really will become like the perfect family!!! <333

No offence to Tsuji, but I wanted her to have a boy than a girl because in the videos that show how Tsuji and Taiyou's house looks like, its all like PINK and CUTE.. so I wanted her to have a son so they can have more boyish stuff.. XD

1 09 2010

Congratulations Tsuji and Tayiou!
And about your comment: I’m a little scared that the boy WILL be raised in pink and cute… because I don’t believe that Tsuji is going to give up on Hello Kitty and other cute things. And about boyish stuff… I just can’t forget Tayio with his Mickey Mouse T-shirt and his notebook with sparkling rhonestones… And with that he is the manliest part of the family! :-D
They are the most crazy family which I know. They’re awesome!

1 09 2010


perfect family ??? Noa is getting a baby bro :D be a good sis :p haha ^^

im really happy for them :D

1 09 2010
Dave Snow

I feel sorry for her. . . . . .

1 09 2010

Aww<3 Congrats Nono! I hope he's a healthy boy :3 I'm sure Taiyou's probably excited. I remember reading that he thought it was a boy since her morning sickness was "different" from when she was pregnant with Noa.

1 09 2010
Tsuji Nozomi To Have A Boy « AsiaHolics Forever

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3 09 2010

Hehe, when I first read the headline I thought it said, “Tsuji Nozomi to have a BOW” and I was like, what’s so new about a *bow*?
Lol, awwww but congrats to Tsuji!

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