Mano Erina Will Get Her Own Figurine

11 08 2010

According to a recent tweet by Mano’s manager, Mano Erina will be getting her own figurine. The design has already been chosen.

I have to admit that I was a bit surprised when I read this since it has been quite some time since we have seen any H!P dolls or figurines, but with her recent boost in promotion it was expected that we would see some new way and unusual ways of promoting her and her new single.

I am curious to see what kind of design they will use in the figurine since they could do a realistic Mano or they could go for a manga style, although I personally would like to see a realistic figurine since it would make it easier for fans to tell it is her.

It hasn’t been said whether the figurine will be available to everyone or just to FC members, but I do hope it is available to everyone since it will definitely be a must have item for all Mano fans.

Hopefully we get some preview pictures before it is released.

Mano Manager Tweet About Mano Figurine



5 responses

11 08 2010

like an action figure? Sorry..just seems kinda lame.

11 08 2010

Actually it seems to be more like a small doll of her, an action figure would seem a bit too much like a toy XD

11 08 2010

you mean like a barbie? lol that sounds interesting!

also, there’s been other members that have had figurines? can you tell me who? this is the 1st time ive heard of such figurines! lol ^^’

11 08 2010

Not exactly figurines but there are little toy dolls or something that H!P made for Mini Moni and Morning Musume:

Here is a picture of a few from MorningBerryz’s blog:

Hopefully Mano’s figurine looks more realistic ^_^

11 08 2010

lol will she be the 2nd gocchin ??? without the sexy concept ? XD

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