BLT x H!P Collaboration Book Titled “Haro Pro Maruwakari BOOK ~2010 Natsu~”

23 07 2010

More information about the 2nd H!P x BLT collaboration book titled Haro Pro Maruwakari BOOK ~2010 Natsu~ has been released.

The book will feature 36 A4-sized pages with handwritten messages from all of the members as well as interviews featuring questions such as “Who would you like to be in a unit with?”, which should be very interesting to read and find out about.

Like the previous BLT book it will most likely be a small magazine, and while that may be the case I am glad to see them release another book with H!P since there aren’t that many pictures of them together, and with questions such as the one above it will be fun to see what each member responds.

Hopefully all those who can will order a copy of the book since it will be a great way to have some great pictures of each one of the members plus some messages and trivia about them.

There is no clear mention of the release date but it seems that it will be released on 8/27.

BLT Site With Information About The Haro Pro Maruwakari BOOK ~2010 Natsu~ Book




4 responses

24 07 2010

wow! lucky for those who can buy one…. I want one too, if it’s possible

24 07 2010

I want one but I want to be able tl read what they say

24 07 2010

same here…

26 07 2010

I’m interested in the interview questions, but I won’t be able to read it so I hope someone can translate the questions.

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