New Mano Erina Profile Pictures For “Genkimono de Ikou!”

15 07 2010

The official H!P site has updated Mano Erina’s profile with pictures of her new outfit for her 8th single titled Genkimono de Ikou!.

For the most part the outfit seems to be made up of some jean short shorts, a light hoodie sweatshirt (which apparently is in stripes and a solid color) as well as a white tank top and some heels, and while it may be a bit simple I have to admit that it looks amazing.

If I hadn’t seen the pictures here and instead looked at an appearance of hers on TV I would have guessed that these were just casual clothes she put on after waking up late and I mean that in a positive way since it seems easier to relate to Mano when she is wearing clothes a normal cute teenager would wear instead of flashy outfits.

The energy of the song is very high so the outfit seems perfect for a possible energetic dance and with the possibility that it might not be energetic it is still a great outfit since it gives Mano an easy way to dance however she wants.

Hopefully we soon get a chance to see the PV and the covers since the song and outfit are both amazing.

The release date is set for 9/15.

Official H!P Mano Erina Profile Page



9 responses

15 07 2010

She looks really cute! the outfit turned out to be really casual looking~

15 07 2010

I think of this when I see her like this…

Chimata de uwasa no SEXY ue ue!

Nom nom…Mano-chan!!

15 07 2010

I think she looks great in simple casual outfits. She seems more like the “girl next door” than a flashy idol. Very cool.

15 07 2010

Waaa!!! Need to buy that see that single!!

15 07 2010

She looks cute and cool with that outfit. Actually, that outfit is categorized as “everyday wear”, right? But, it looks more simple and more good. It fits to Manoeri’s image. And, the song is perfectly fit with the outfit.

Ganbare Mano Erina!!

15 07 2010

You are right the outfit is “everyday wear” or simply casual clothes ^_^

The song seems like very energetic and happy so I’m glad to see that they went with the happy cute teenager look ^_^

15 07 2010

Hmm, it looks goo don her, but I actually think it’s pretty boring. Especially since the song is pretty good!
Maybe it’d suit one of her ballads? Just because it looks kind of like a slow song outfit.

18 07 2010

Mano-ch is so SEXY ! although the outfit is kinda revealing, she really do have a ‘girl-next-door’ look, so cue !

13 09 2010

she is beautiful

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