Happy 21st Birthday Michishige Sayumi!

12 07 2010

Today is the 21st birthday of Michishige Sayumi so I decided to celebrate it by congratulating her and showing off some of her great pictures since she is, after all, one of my top favorite Morning Musume and Hello! Project members.

To put it simply Sayu was one of the few members who caught my eye when I first started listening to Momusu and it might have to do with her incredible beauty but as time went by I started to get to know her through shows and radio presentations and despite being a bit too narcissistic sometimes I loved everything about her personality.

Most people usually don’t give her much of a chance because of her idol character (that being a “narcissistic cute girl”), but if from what I have read in member blogs and interviews Sayumi is one of the best people you could ever meet since she is really smart (she mentioned that she cheers herself up by doing simultaneous equations) and very caring.

They also usually guide their opinion based on what they see from her on TV, but as a Sayu fan and an idol fan it is of common knowledge that she has a completely different personality off the screen, and  she is without a doubt a great idol because of the great way she manages to entertain and make any show interesting with her presence.

She usually doesn’t get that many chances to sing solo I decided to add a video of her singing Furusato mainly to show everyone that even though she might not be perfect at singing she is still an incredible singer:

Video uploaded by: marioshingai

I wish her the best birthday today and hopefully she celebrates it along with friends and family and enjoys every moment of it.

Hopefully the next single and next year are great for Sayu and feature many lines for her along with many more TV appearances and even though she just released a PB a few months ago I definitely look forward to another future PB release from her since she always looks incredible in every picture.

To finish off the post here are a few pics from Sayu’s blog about the cake she received while at rehearsals with Momusu (from her blog posts about her birthday HERE and HERE):

Happy Birthday Sayu-chan!
誕生日おめでとう 道重さゆみ!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*I added larger versions of the pictures after the break*



11 responses

12 07 2010

Happy birthday Sayumi.
Wow, its the 13th in Japan alreday. That means in Japan, I’ve turned 16 today but in the UK, I still have another day to go! :(
Haha, so if I went to Japan today and come home tomorrow, I would celebrate my birthday twice XD
Thats so cool!

12 07 2010

Oh it’s your birthday too? Well then…
Happy Birthday!! \(^O^)/

12 07 2010

Thank you :)
I was so happy when I found out Sayumi had the same birthday since all my friend were saying about the birthdays they shared with celbs and once I found out, I was smiling for days and wouldn’t stop going on bout it. She is my favourite after Junjun

12 07 2010

Happy BDay :D !!!
21 already :D time goes fast :p

12 07 2010

Sayu has birthday yay~
Happy Birthday Sayumi-chan~
May that be a wonderful day for you ^_^

12 07 2010

Happy Birthday Sayu!!!!!
I hope she never changes~

12 07 2010

Happy bithday Sayumi!–
I think she is a woman of strong faith and has very unique character different from usual Japanese girls. “Michishige” is very rare name in Japan and I heard her ancestor is a high priest. And some fortune teller said she will
conquer the whole country.( This info.is from 2ch–perhaps a 2ch fan knew
this info. in a magazine or TV.) I think she may become a politician. In this
May(?),When Kan Naoto was elected as new japanese prime minister, Michishige wrote on her blog “I’m glad because Mr.Kan was born in the same city as me. I may become Prime minister in future.” (It is famous that Yamaguchi prefecture has produced most numbers of prime ministers in Japan.) It is said a true story is strange than novel. I look forward her future.

12 07 2010

Otanjoubi omedetto gozimasu Shige-pinku~ And hopefully she’ll have many more happy birthdays to come.

12 07 2010

Sayu is So pretty! Happy birthday, Michishige!!

13 07 2010

Happy birthday Sayumin!!!
She is my favorite Momusu member after Takahashi Ai!!! XDDD

13 07 2010

Happy birthday Sayu! You’re my favourite. ;)

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