Buono! – “The Best Buono!” Album Confirmed

27 06 2010

Buono! Best Of album titled The Best Buono! has been confirmed by Tower Records.

The album will be available in two versions: Normal version which will include only the CD and a Limited version which will include 2 CDs and a DVD.

I’m glad to see that the album has been finally confirmed since it gives Buono! fans a chance to get all of their singles along with a few album songs to complete their collection, and while we don’t know what songs will come in the album for sure we will most likely find out soon when more info is released.

For now it’s great that it is confirmed and since the album will be released around the same date as their Rock’n Buono! 3 concert tour it will most likely serve as the main promotion for the album, although I hope that more promotion, such as radio, TV, and magazine appearances, are included as well.

Hopefully more info is released soon about the tracklist and the covers soon.

The release date is set for 8/10.

Tower Records Page For Buono’s The Best Buono! – Normal

Tower Records Page For Buono’s The Best Buono! – Limited

EDIT: According to the official Buono! site the limited edition will feature the following:

  • Disc 1 will feature 19 songs which will be the “best of” from their singles and albums
  • Disc 2 will be a b-side compilation disc
  • The DVD will feature Making of photos as well as unreleased footage

The Limited edition will also be a digipack, which means that it will look something like this (image from DiscWizards – CD Duplication specialists):

Which is basically a great way to include all 3 CDs at the same time, but hopefully we get a preview of what the covers will be like since it will be interesting to see that along with previews of the unreleased footage.




4 responses

27 06 2010

hooray for a confirmation! i’m really glad buono will be a releasing a best of album~ cant wait to see how the covers turn out~

27 06 2010

yess~ I was hoping it would be digipack! lol

27 06 2010

Me too, even though I had no idea what it was called at the moment XD

It’s a great way to keep the 3 discs together ^_^

27 06 2010

Yey cant wait

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