Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Miyabi and Koharu Arrive in Shanghai

21 06 2010

After flying in an airplane for 3 hours Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Natsuyaki Miyabi and Kusumi Koharu have arrived safely in Shanghai today for their two day performance as a special unit.

According to Lin Lin’s blog entry they had an interview and they also went to eat some dumplings together as a group:

Since it is about 4 am right now in Shanghai we will have to wait 12 hours more until their first performance where their unit name will be revealed (according to what Natalie.mu says) so hopefully that is the case.

But meanwhile I’m glad to hear that everyone arrived safely and that they are all ready for their performance, and despite not knowing what kind of songs they will perform I do hope we get a preview soon so we can find out.

Good luck Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Miyabi and Koharu with your performance!

They will perform in Shanghai from 6/22 to 6/23.

Hello SG Fans Translation of Lin Lin’s Post



9 responses

21 06 2010

Awesome I wish i can go and see it

21 06 2010

i’m so glad that the unit name will soon be revealed!! we’ve been waiting for so long with only a picture of their outfits~ will the song be released (like a single)?

21 06 2010

Right now we have no idea if they will sing a new song or an H!P song so we will have to wait and see ^_^

21 06 2010

I hope they have their own song. Maybe if they have their own single they can perform it at the next H!P concert (the one for shuffle units) It’s probably never going to happen becuz of Koharu but hey that would be so cool! Koharu can feature as a special guest.

21 06 2010

This would be sooo awesome! it probably won’t happen but yeah it would to cool!!!

everything about this unit will finally be revealed!!

22 06 2010

even though this unit is made just for the expo I’m totally excited for the unit name and everything.

22 06 2010

i’m just so glad to see koharu again. And shes looking real pretty with her new hair color.

22 06 2010

I’m so excited knowing their unit name…I wonder what it is? Koharu’s really a well-looking model now…

22 06 2010

Oh my miyabi looks so beautiful!

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