Berryz Koubou Fanclub Tour In Hawaii 2010 Announced

2 05 2010

Berryz Koubou will have a fanclub tour event in Hawaii titled 2010 Happy Summer Vacation ~Kono Natsu wa Nidotonai Jikan de Aru !~.

I’m glad that we finally get a confirmation about this tour since there were mentions of it yesterday on 2ch during the first concert of their latest tour.

Since they are going to Hawaii again we might get a chance to see another Alo-Hello or another Berryz Koubou PB since each Hawaii trip usually results in some sort of new release, although we will have to wait and see what happens.

Scans from the FC announcement

The flyer for the fanclub tour looks great since it features pictures of them at their last event in 2009, and apart from those pictures we also get a chance to see the famous banner they made as a group during the end of the Hawaii trip, which is sure to be a reminder of how much fun they had last time.

The only Berryz Koubou birthday around that time of the year is Miyabi’s which means that we might get a chance to see a surprise for her on the tour so hopefully Miyabi wota are planning something for her.

Overall I am very excited about the event, and while the price is a little bit high (in the range of 320,000 Yen to 209,000 Yen) I am hopeful that we will get some sort of DVD (an Alo-Hello is possible) or PB (most likely) release from the trip.

The tour will take place near the end of August (8/25 ~ 8/31).



7 responses

2 05 2010

Ohhh, Berryz in Hawaii…fresh fruit is good for you!

2 05 2010

The Berryz’ first Alo-Hello was just awesome and funny (especially the prank of the villain hidden in the minibus, lol) so I look forward to see a new chapter…

2 05 2010

It was funny, but it seemed that the amount of jokes was just too much :/

I prefer to see Berryz Koubou having fun and laughing instead of crying (seeing Momo cry and fear for her life was too much) ~_~

I would like to see fun challenges such as the one in Alo-Hello 2 for Momusu and another shopping segment, those were fun ^_^

2 05 2010

If they do another Alo-Hello, I’d be very happy. =w=! As long as there’s some kind of gimmick in it like last time. It’s not admirable of me, but I love a good gimmick. :P

2 05 2010

Agreed… Momoko said “no more” and in the end, they had the guy come out again. She was SO pissed…
I really hope this one is full of laughter instead of tears.
Because Berryz=fun!
I bet they’re excited to go to hawaii again.

9 05 2010

Does anybody know where they’re playing? Like the name of the place?
I’m trying to buy tickets, but I can’t find them!!! T_T’

9 05 2010

The name of the place isn’t revealed until the day the FC members arrive in Hawaii ^_^

Also to clear up, Fanclub tours are usually FC exclusive throughout the entire trip, which means that you have to be part of the Fanclub to enjoy the Hawaii concert, as well as other more exclusive events such as interacting with members of the group (although this costs a lot of money, as can be seen from the prices above which reach up to $3,200).

This means that the concert is a private FC exclusive event since it is part of the trip, which means that you have to pay the price for the entire trip as well as be part of the FC and be located in Japan so that you can go along with other FC members on the plane from Japan to Hawaii.

So in other words there are no tickets for this event since it is an FC exclusive event, which is why it’s called “Berryz Koubou Fanclub Tour in Hawaii 2010” ^_^

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