Michishige Sayumi’s Blog Passes The 15,000,000th Hit Mark

15 03 2010

Michishige Sayumi’s Gree blog has just passed the 15,000,000 hit mark. Sayu took a picture of the blog when she visited it (she mentions that she wanted to be the 15,000,000th visitor but she got 15,000,009 instead):

I’m glad that Sayu’s blog has already gotten 15,000,000 hits, especially since she got the blog just a little more than a month ago which means that we could see her pass the 1 billion mark in just 7 months more if the trend continues.

Reading her blog entries you can certainly see why she has gotten that amount of blog hits since most of her posts give us a rare look at her incredible personality which, when combined with her many TV appearances, results in an incredible amount of publicity.

Congratulations Sayu on getting that huge amount of hits on your blog (about 44x the amount this blog has gotten) and hopefully the coming months increase that count even more (when I checked right now she had gotten 212, 042 hits in just 2 hours, which is very impressing).

Sayu Blog Entry About 15,000,000 Hits




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