H!P Releases February 25

26 02 2010

One release today, Kamei Eri’s 8th solo PB:

Kamei Eri sweet (PB): Kamei Eri’s 8th solo PB which was shoot in Hawaii, includes a Making Of DVD.

When the PB was announced I was really excited, mostly because Kamei is gorgeous and also because I am somewhat of a Kamei fan as well (after Sayu and Gaki, and on the same level as Ai-chan), and after seeing some of the previews I can’t help but think how great of a job the photographer did since the result is amazing.

First of all the cover features Kamei in a white bikini tilting her head to the side and looking at the camera in front of a forest setting, and for the most part the cover looks incredible although the pose could have been a bit better (I was strangely reminded of an owl when I saw it). The white bikini looks incredibly good on Kamei and the dark setting only makes her stand out even more because of the light tones on her body and bikini.

Like all PBs we get a mix of casual and bikini shots, and you can tell the difference with the two pictures above since we get a nice view of Kamei’s white bikini from the back (and a strange looking tree) on the left and a more casual and beautiful picture of Kame on the right.

The picture on the right is one of the few pictures which leaves me speechless since it looks almost angelic to say the least. The light behind her only magnifies her beauty and the almost blurry setting makes sure she is the focus of the shot, and even though I am a big Sayu and Gaki fan I have to say that she looks incredibly pretty here.

From what I have seen the PB goes from one extreme to another, in other words they go from shots of Kamei in what appears to be nothing (most likely only a strapless top but the picture stands out just enough to make you look at it twice) to pictures of Kamei calmly looking at a reflection of herself on a mirror.

All PBs have the obligatory 2 page pictures which give us a nice expanded view of a certain setting, and the setting here is of Kamei posing over a fence while the photographer takes a picture of her from the side where (not that surprisingly) the entire side of the outfit is missing which allows a great unobstructed view of her bikini top.

Apart from the cute and sexy pictures we do get a chance to see many artistic pictures, and whether or not they were meant to be that way the sun reflecting off the surface of the water as Kamei leans to the side for the camera is definitely one of the best shots from the PB (that or she is stuck in quicksand).

Overall the PB does an incredibly good job of showing us a more mature and beautiful Kamei since the many pictures included emphasize her beauty instead of just her cuteness.

It seems that Momusu’s little turtle has come out of it’s shell (almost literally since most of the pictures have bikinis) and she does so while looking absolutely stunning.

I definitely recommend this PB for any Kame fan, H!P fan or casual fan simply because this PB looks like it is one of her best yet.

The next release date is set for 3/3 with Kamei Eri’s 3rd solo DVD, Mano Erina’s Single V Clips, and Berryz Koubou’s 22nd single.



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26 02 2010

I just offline for 2 hours and Evan Mendes already join morning musume? And she is releasing a photobook?

Entertainment world could sure change with a blink of the eyes. Anyway i agree with everything you said. Evan was one hot and sweet babe.

28 02 2010
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