Kamei Eri – “sweet” PB Cover Released

4 02 2010

The cover for Kamei Eri’s 8th PB titled sweet has been released on the Wanibooks site.

For the most part I think the cover looks incredible since we get a chance to see Kamei clearly in front of the camera, and even though the cover doesn’t have any flashy colors it turned out to be very impressing.

The contrast of the white bikini and the dark background seems to make Kamei stand out a lot, and when combined with her head tilting to one side it just makes the cover even better since it makes it more unique and cute.

The scenery mixes in well with the rest of the cover since it almost looks like Kamei is in the middle of a forest, which contrasts really well with the white letters in the title (simple but elegant).

Overall I am impressed with how incredible the cover looks, especially the elegant dark and light cover which combines well with Kamei in a white bikini.

Hopefully we get a chance to see some preview soon since it looks like this will be an incredible PB for Kamei and H!P fans alike.

The release date is set for 2/25.

Wani Books Site For Kamei Eri’s 8th PB sweet



9 responses

4 02 2010

My mom gonna scold me for using too much tissue paper. It will be great if the photobook come with a free tissue box. An extra large one.

4 02 2010
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4 02 2010

Someone broke her neck. Good job, photographer.

4 02 2010


How else can you fit Kamei and her bikini as close to the cover as possible? :P

5 02 2010

the voices in her head…. they are telling her to KILL YOU

5 02 2010

kamei looks wonderful here but her head looks kinda weird… it looks like they took her head from another picture and put it on her body in a bikini… oh well hopefully the pb is much much better.

5 02 2010

I have to admit that the cover looks kind of weird at first (mostly because of the shadows and the light) but after looking at it for a while you get used to it ^_^

The PB will definitely be impressive, it’s Kamei after all ^o^

7 02 2010

Those abs, and that bikini bottom *¬*
I didn’t thought white suited her so good.

7 02 2010

It’s Kamei, any color looks great on her especially if it’s a bikini XD

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