H!P Releases February 3

3 02 2010

Three releases today, Buono’s 10th single and Guardians 4’s Single V for their 4th single:

Buono! – Our Songs: Buono’s 10th single which debuted at #6 on the Oricon. The c/w is titled MIRACLE HAPPY LOVE SONG and it was released in both regular and limited versions.

The covers feature Buono in front of a blue background while star confetti falls around them, the only difference between the two versions are the poses the members are doing. Out of the two my favorite would have to be the regular version since it gives us a closer picture of the girls, but the poses on the limited version are great as well.

The a-side Our Songs features an impressive but calm song that is somewhat catchy but still incredible nonetheless. The rhythm is mostly the same throughout the song but the vocals are some of the best I have seen from Buono.


Video uploaded by: sada956

The b-side features a more heavier punk sound which is combined with a similarly calm singing style as the a-side, but the thing that stands out more is how the fast instrumental mixes in perfectly with the upbeat but calm singing.

Overall I have to say I am very impressed with both the A and B side since they both complement each other very well. The a-side has a calm and laid back rhythm while the b-side is more fast and upbeat, but they both have something in common: Buono’s incredible rock sound.

Both versions are recommended to fans of Buono and fans of H!P who are looking for a more rock filled song to accompany their upbeat songs from H!P.

Guardians 4 – Going On! (Single V): The Single V for Guardians 4’s 4th single which features a dance shot, Making-Of, and the normal version of the PV. The Single V debuted on the Oricon charts at #16.

The normal version of the PV seems to have a basic cute theme to it which actually looks a lot better than what it sounds. It features a lion as a director and an elephant and a mouse as the camera crew, and most of the PV features Guardians 4 dancing in a small house, singing into mics (similar to a recording session), and also some scenes from the anime.

Guardians 4 – Going On! (Dance Shot Ver)

Video uploaded by: KanonChii

The dance shot for the most part is self explanatory since it basically features all of the Guardians 4 members dancing along to the song in the small yellow house.

The dance is really interesting to watch since it features some steps that weren’t shown in the normal PV version in a new camera angle (I’m guessing it was taken by the elephant).

Kumai is not amused

Not surprisingly I haven’t watched the Making Of (for some reason I rarely see them) but from the few screen shots I did see it seems to be interesting since it features many behind the scenes clips of how the PV was filmed along with a few moments were the Guardians 4 members meet the staff for the PV:

Kumai seems to be cutely afraid of the new crew … or she needs to go to the bathroom

Overall the Single V is perfect for those who want to learn the dance since the main focus seems to be of the dance shot, but I definitely recommend it to any Guardians 4 fan because it’s also a great collection item since it has the Making Of and the normal PV as well.

The next release date is set for 2/10 with Morning Musume’s 42nd single, Buono’s 3rd album, and Berryz Koubou’s Medachitai concert DVD.



4 responses

4 02 2010

Da Xiao Jie’s new album edition was also released on February 3rd. xD

4 02 2010

Oh yeah XD

Mini review: Basically I think the songs are cute and it’s recommended to Da Xiao Jie fans :p

5 02 2010

“Kumai seems to be cutely afraid of the new crew … or she needs to go to the bathroom”

Lol, you’re rite, that’s a weird position. Looks like she’s restrainig herself… XD.
I’m always amazed at her height anyway 0_0…. she’s even taller than the elephant…

5 02 2010

That’s probably why there’s a gap between the other members and her, she’s waiting for the camera to focus on the elephant to so she can slowly try to make her way to the nearest bathroom :p

Thanks for pointing that out I just noticed it, she’s taller than a guy wearing an elephant costume and a hat XD

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