Morning Musume – “Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai” PV Released

31 01 2010

The PV for Morning Musume’s 42nd single titled Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai has been released.

The PV was released some 10 days away from its release, which might be a new promotion strategy for Momusu since it gives us enough time to enjoy the PV but not to get tired of it (or someone from Dohhh-UP forgot to put it up some weeks ago).

Despite that the PV is incredible in every way since, from the looks of it, each one of the girls got more equal time on the screen than normal (Jun Jun and Lin Lin got a lot more appearances than Kimagure Princess).

During the start of the PV we get a chance to see them perform the first parts of their choreography after which we see them walking down a hallway where each one of them gets the camera focused on them as they walk.

The rest of the PV features many interesting shots such as: a shot of them walking down a hallway, on a stage dancing, singing while getting make-up, walking down a runway, and close-ups in front of a disco ball.

The most interesting parts of the PV would have to be the runway since we get a chance to see all of the girls walk and pose by themselves (Ai-chan, Lin Lin, Kamei, Tanaka, Mitsui, Sayu, Jun Jun and last Gaki) and then we get a chance to see them walk by in pairs (Ai-chan and Lin Lin, Kamei and Tanaka, Mitsui and Sayu, Jun Jun and Gaki).

The make-up part of the video is also interesting since we get many shots of them performing while they are getting make-up, and while there isn’t much else about the shot since the name of the shot explains it quite well I am still amazed at how gorgeous all of the girls look during this part.

The close-up features all of them singing in front of a disco ball, which is a bit simple but it is still one of the best shots from the PV since all of the girls look incredible because of the brightness and detail of that shot.

Overall I love everything about the is PV: the song, the shots, the dance, etc. and while the 8th generation and Sayu didn’t get any solo lines they did get many chances to appear and shine through the PV during the dance shot, runway, close-up and make up parts of the PV.

8nin Momusu are off to a great start with this great single and “more equal than normal” PV, and I am incredibly impressed with the song and PV, so hopefully the single sells well enough since the single definitely deserves it.

Please buy a copy of the single to support them!

The release date is set for 2/10.

Morning Musume – Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

Dohhh-UP Link to Morning Musume Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai PV




7 responses

31 01 2010

I’m so in love with this video. They look amazing.

31 01 2010

I don’t love it, but it Will grow on me. I just really need to ask this. Is Morning Musume latest Single going to sell well?? I understand that no one can do anything about a graduation and it seems that after Koha left it’s be trash talking of MM since. As big as a fan i’m of Koha, I wouldn’t go as far as some of the ppl on Hello! Online are with the comments of this PV. I still support Momusu even with my favorite gone. I just feel like this single will not do well, because of the bad solo distribution and the PV. Even I have to admit the dance shot could’ve been better. But I was made up with all the other different shots hello! project gave us. I’m hoping the next single will have everyone getting a part and not having Sayu just doing the “uhh” and “ahh” parts. I just think ppl are ready for a 9th Generation or another graduation. MM is not the same anymore staying consistent. That’s not why I fell in love with the group. I like fresh faces. OK i’m done venting….SOrry this is a lot. Please still support Morning Musume!! I’m buying all the different covers of this single.

31 01 2010

Sorry for the long comment but I wanted to give my full opinion ^_^;

I wouldn’t take the overall negative tone that H!O has had for the last few weeks as proof of how much the single will sell since it was mostly made up of people angry about the OGs appearing in Utaban and Airi getting one song more than anyone in the album ^_^;

There are a lot more fans out there so please don’t think that all fans hate the single because some people do on H!O. It is normal to not like a single, but somehow I think that H!O lately has been somewhat negative.

My tip to you is to try and avoid those discussions on H!O since it is basically just one person’s opinion versus another’s opinion about “Why doesn’t my favorite member appear more?” and “It doesn’t sound like this song which sold more”, or “Why aren’t they like the old Momusu?”.

The line distribution is the same as many recent Momusu singles, so there isn’t that much difference overall but hopefully we get a chance to see new distribution sometime soon. Everyone has a different opinion about the PV so I wouldn’t say that it is bad at all (in fact I like it a lot personally), it depends on the person since everyone has different tastes in what they want to see.

Momusu, in my opinion, is ready for another 9th generation but not a graduation. The group has been constantly changing throughout the early years of Momusu and fans have gotten used to the idea, but casual fans couldn’t keep up with many changes in the lineup. Instead of establishing themselves separately they mostly focused on changing the group, and for the most part it didn’t work at all since many people don’t know the current Momusu at all (it seems that UFA has noticed that too since we have had a very consistent lineup lately with little changes).

A 9th generation member would be great this year since it would allow the group to have a new face, but as far as to go and say that more members have to graduate I would have to say that it isn’t the best of ideas right now since the group has to get rid of the graduation idea for a while and promote Morning Musume and each of the members well so that people know the current Momusu and establish themselves as the new Momusu, and make everyone aware that the OGs are not the face of Momusu now.

The group has gone through many changes to not rely on the old Momusu image, one of which is the change from a happy upbeat group to a more mature and grown up group, (going from young idols to professional singers) so it is kind of normal to see some fans being angry about the change of sound, but it was necessary so that Momusu can keep up.

The problem of sales is probably due to the change in musical preference of Japan in general since now you can notice that there are more people who like ballads than ever. You can even notice the trend with how well the group has sold lately: upbeat songs sell less (Mikan being their worst single in recent history, Kimagure Princess among the worst) and more mature songs sell more (Nanchatte Renai, Shouganai Yume Oibito, etc.).

Basically everyone has an opinion and we will have to wait and see how the fans react when the single is released. The only way Morning Musume singles can sell well is if the fans support them. In my opinion, we should be wondering How well the single is going to sell instead of worrying if it’s going to sell well ^_^

1 02 2010

How come whenever they release a single thats not memorable to me, the PV is always make it better? I <3 the PV! The song…..not so really, doesnt stick around for me. I do hope the single sell well tho!

1 02 2010

PVs are made to promote the song and they almost always make the song “come to life” ^_^

It’s the magic of H!P XD

1 02 2010

Interesting piece of opinion you give there. Myself definitely looking forward to the new member this year ( i even pick one of the hello project egg member that i think will be the 9th generation momusu member )

By the way, no need to worry about writing long comment in every of your post because i like reading it since you try your best to make it less boring and dull.

1 02 2010

Thanks, I try and make my opinion interesting ^o^

I would like to see some of the Eggs debut soon, even if it means into their own groups since a lot of them are very talented. But I have a feeling that UFA will want to take the opportunity and do auditions since it is great publicity for the group.

Looks like we will have to wait and find out though, so hopefully we get a chance to hear about some Momusu auditions soon ^_^

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