Shimizu Saki, Tokunaga Chinami and Kumai Yurina Arrive In Thailand

19 01 2010

Berryz Koubou members Shimizu Saki, Tokunaga Chinami and Kumai Yurina arrived in Thailand earlier today to promote their first concert in Bangkok. Ticket’s will be on sale to the general public soon (although roughly half of the sets are already booked through presale, especially the good seats).

It is great to see that they are promoting their concert well by sending members over to appear on TV and on radio since it probably means that they are trying their best to make their first concert in Thailand a great one.

There were also many fans at the airport to welcome them and here is one of the many videos that are up on Youtube (check out TIMMII97’s channel for more videos of the girls arriving at the airport).

Video uploaded by: TIMMII97

This is the video of the show they appeared in:

Berryz Koubou on Channel V Thailand Pt 1

Berryz Koubou on Channel V Thailand Pt 2

Videos uploaded by: loveberryzthai

Hopefully the seats for the concert sell well and we get a great concert since it would mean that Berryz Koubou’s first concert overseas was a great success (technically second if you count Korea).

Berryz Koubou’s First Live In Bangkok will occur on 3/27.

ThaiTicketMajor Site To Buy Tickets (Ticket sales up now)

PingBook Page With Information About The Show (In Thai)



4 responses

19 01 2010
C'est la Vie

I sense a Thailand H!P audition!!! xD

I wouldn’t be suprised if Tsunku actually did one ><;

19 01 2010

I doubt that Tsunku would suddenly come out with an audition since he would have to promote it and make a show for it XD

But he has a tendency to announce stuff out of nowhere so there is a small, small chance anything could happen ^_^

20 01 2010
C'est la Vie

Well, I didn’t mean right now! XD But, hopefully someday ^_^

20 01 2010

Hopefully this means Berryz Koubou will be making their way to America soon(and hopefully not at a convention)

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