Nagate Ayaka Opens Up A Blog

11 12 2009

Former Coconut’s Musume member Kimura Ayaka, now Nagate Ayaka after her marriage, has opened up a blog on the Ameba site.

Although there are no entries on the blog it is great to know that Ayaka still has a way to keep in touch with Coconuts Musume fans.

The picture from the header looks somewhat recent and it has a great looking Kalachuchi flower theme which somewhat reminds me of her former days as a Coconuts Musume.

Hopefully she gets a chance to at least do an introduction post since it has been quite a while since we have heard from her.

Official Ameblo Blog For Ayaka



4 responses

11 12 2009

i think those are kalachuchi flowers

11 12 2009

Yeah I think you are right, I updated the post with the info
Thanks ^_^

11 12 2009
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11 12 2009
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