Kusumi Koharu Officially Graduates From Morning Musume and Hello! Project

6 12 2009

Today, December 6, 2009, Kusumi Koharu graduated from Morning Musume and Hello! Project at the Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 ~Nine Smile~ concert at Tokyo Welfare Pension Hall.

There was a change to the setlist for the final day of the concert tour where Rainbow Pink, one of Morning Musume’s songs on their album Rainbow 7 album performed by Sayu and Koha (under the group name Shigepink and Kohapink).

According to fan reports the graduation ceremony started after Resonant Blue (which is the last song on the setlist, not counting the encore songs). The members all read their farewell messages in order of generation: Aichan, Gaki-san, Eri, Sayu, Reina, Aika, Jun Jun and Lin Lin (all of the members crying during the ceremony) and then Koharu reading her final message to the group and to the fans.

Koharu during the graduation ceremony

Here are the speeches and some more information about the final moments of Koharu as a Musume, this is the full version from the concert rip (full translation credit: Turbos86, from THIS article at H!O, special thanks to Kuno):

Translation of the graduation ceremony (full)

After Rainbow Pink, the audience does a 3 minute Koharu Chant.
Koharu runs back on to the stage.
Koharu: Thank you everyone!!! Wow!!! It’s completely red! (Glow sticks) Thank you. Thank you very much for the warm Koharu call!
Thank you! Everyone in the 2nd floor, thank you too!
I, Kusumi Koharu, on today, Decemeber 6th would be graduating from Morning Musume and Hello! Project…will graduate.
Everyone who has supported Kusumi Koharu of Morning Musume, I thank you from the depth of my heart!

(Never forget, instrumental versions begins playing in the background)

Takahashi Ai’s message <

(Ai-chan is first to give her congratulations. She hands flowers to Koharu.)
Ai-chan: Ok, here you go!
Koharu: Thank you very much. Ah, I’m so happy.
Ai-chan: Um…
Koharu: It smells so good!
Ai-chan: Hehe, congratulations on graduating.
Koharu: Thank you very much.
Ai-chan: Umm…you know… you’re graduating, I know Koharu has always done her best, but I can’t help to feel lonely. Of course I hold the feeling in wishing you the best of luck, and hoping you’ll keep doing your best. (Holding in tears) Because you are my kouhai, I have watched over you since you’ve joined…
Koharu: I don’t like where this is heading.
Ai-chan: That’s true….. At times I’ve gotten angry at you, I’ve praised you, and even weird things beyond imagination! But of course you’ve always put on a serious face when listening. I’ve seen so many side of you… This is the first time I have to see a kouhai go, so it’s a very uneasy feeling. (Holding in tears again) I really want to congratulate you… but I can’t help but to feel lonely. You must promise to do your best ok?
Koharu: I understand…
Ai-chan: Keep in touch with us from time to time ok? But I’m sure you’re not going!
Koharu: What? I will I will I will!!!
Ai-chan: Because you’re not the type to let others know that you are lonely.
Koharu: Huh?
Ai-chan: You never say you are lonely…. Anyways, I hope that you can keep going forward as yourself. As your senpai, that is all. Congratulations!
Koharu: Thank you very much! Ai-chan!!!!!
Ai-chan: What is it!?
Koharu: Ai-chan!!! Ai-chan!!!!!
Ai-chan: Next.
Koharu: So this is how a graduation is like huh?

Niigaki Risa’s message <

Gaki-san: Koharu, congratulations on graduating!
Koharu: Thank you very much.
(Risa hands flowers to Koharu)
Koharu: Ahhhh we’re Gaki-Koha aren’t we? We’ve always that during promotions, on radio, on TV…
Gaki-san: And in the 10nen Kinentai.
Koharu: and in 10nen Kinentai. We’ve always been together.
Gaki-san: That’s right… Do you mind if I give you a message instead?
(Everyone laughs)
Excuse me!
Koharu: Oh yeah.
Gaki-san: What I want to say…we were a combination all this time, it’s my first time seeing a kouhai go…for Koharu to graduate, it’s truly an unreal feeling…Therefore…(Begins to cry)
Koharu: I’m sorry.
Gaki-san: But…
(Fans cheering Risa on)
But, to me, Koharu was a very cute kouhai. Even thought you were hard to handle at times, but I really love you. It’s going to be difficult being on your own, so be grateful to people who help you. I hope you will keep going and continue to be yourself.
Koharu: Thank you very much.
Gaki-san: I love you!
Koharu: Thank you…
Gaki-san: Congratulations!
Koharu: (Sobbing) So we can’t sing Sukiyaki together again?…
Gaki-san: Let’s go do that at the Karaoke!
Both: Sukiyaki~~~~ hahaha
Gaki-san: That’s the wrong mood, we can’t be always crying.
Koharu: I understand.
Gaki-san: Alright.

> Kamei Eri’s message <

Um yes…oh, this is Kamei Eri. Koharu-chan, congratulations on graduating!
Koharu: Thank you very much.
Eri: We were the “just right” comrades, being different from others right?
Koharu: Probably.
Eri: That was like our theme…
Koharu: Eh for Kamei-san…
Eri: Do you mind if I do the talking.
Koharu: Oh yeah! That’s right! You still have a lot to say.
Eri: So, Koharu is, when you first join, I thought you were different. We’ve gone on journeys together… there has never been a girl like Koharu before, and never will again. Therefore, the two of us were able to meet because of Morning Musume (begins to cry)….Hold it in! Hold it in Eri! (Talking to herself)…. So…ah… I’m glad I got join Morning Musume, to be here, I have this strong feeling right now…
Koharu: I feel the same way.
Eri: Oh, haha (Laughing while crying)
Koharu: At first, when I first met you, I thought you were scary. I was not good at dancing at first, you’ve taught me a lot…(Sobbing) So you stayed behind to help me…even thought that was with your own spare time… You’ve practiced with you… For the song, HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN, there was this dance move (shows it to the crowd). But no matter what, I wasn’t able to do it… But Kamei-san, you taught me a way to do it, when you told me how to move my legs… Ah, so that’s how you do it!
Eri: Let’s move on here. Alright alright alright!
(Crowd burst into laughter)
Koharu: That really left an impression on me! I thought you’re suppose to do it like this instead (shows the crowd again.)
Eri: Oh! I remember that!
Koharu: Thank you for teaching me!
Eri: You’re welcome, haha!
Koharu: You’ve made it very easy for me to learn the dances…thank you very much!
Eri: Ouch, thank you. I’m really glad now I know so clearly about how you feel about this! Congratulations on graduating! Do you best! Okay? I love you!
Koharu: Thank you very much!
Eri: There’s like no time left (for the other members)! Do your best!

Michishige Sayumi’s message <

Koharu: What should I do… Shige-Pink!
(Crowd cheers)
Koharu: Shige-Pink~~~
Sayumi: Don’t come!
Koharu: Shige-san~!!!
Sayumi: Excuse me.
Koharu: What to do, there’s no time left.
Sayumi: Like…hehehehhahaha (Half sobbing/half laughing) I’m laughing… To be honest, I hated you.
Koharu: WHY! WHY! WHYYYY! WHYYYY????? I’m sorry I had to trouble you about fixing my FAX machine and all.
(Crowds laughs)
Sayumi: I donno why… it’s weird (sobs) even if it’s about not being able to be with a member that I hate…
Koharu: WHY!!!
Sayumi: It makes me feel lonely.
Koharu: Shige…Shige-san!
Sayumi: You can’t say Shige-san. But, I really like how you can keep cheerful no matter what… Just this I guess. (Laughs)
Koharu: Hey!
Sayumi: But honestly, it’s something that I don’t have, so I really respect you for it… You’ve gave me so much laughter, we were able to perform as the legendary unit, Rainbow Pink…On the first day of this tour, when you announced your graduation, during that MC, I’ve realized how you have grown… It made me very happy, therefore, please keep on growing….. AHHHH, see you! (Tries to run away) I’m sorry!
Koharu: Can I say something good about Michishige-san as well?
(Crowd goes OHHHH)
Michishige-san, for being a poison tongue character, (Sayumi starting to cry) that’s actually not true, you actually have a very kind heart. Even though Kamei-san has taught me lots, you’ve done so as well. Going into various little details.
Sayumi: I’m sorry, I was being too detailed.
Koharu: Not at all. Really…you’re a kind person.
Sayumi: Your sister said that right?
Koharu: That’s right, my sister said Michishige-san is a kind person.
Sayumi: Thank you… Do you like Sayumi?
Koharu: I do.
Sayumi: I love you!
(They hug)
Koharu: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Thank you for doing Rainbow Pink with me!
Sayumi: Thank you for giving me the ribbon, I’m so happy.
Koharu: It is messing up your hair?
Sayumi: No thanks to Koharu.
(Everyone laughs)
Both: Thank you.
(The two have a long hug, so long that Ai-chan had to break it up so the process can continue.)
Sayumi: I forgive you. Let’s both work hard ok?
Koharu: Let’s do that.
(Both crying)

Tanaka Reina’s message <

Koharu smile, com’on! YAY!!!!!
Koharu: Yayyyyy (Trying not to cry)
Reina: Koharu… No! Don’t cry! Idiot! (Begins to cry)
Koharu: Awwww
Reina: (Mumbles while trying not to cry) I’m sorry, it’s hard to hear me… I wasn’t planning to cry during the ceremony….. Since you’re crying… I can’t help keep it in either.
When you first joined, I looked after you not about work, but about your livelihood. At first, I’ll say this now, you didn’t get off to a good start, being not able to dance properly, etc. You only joined because of having a cute face…but eventually, you were even able to shine brightly doing your own solo work. We would of never seen that if you didn’t join. And then, even when you were in a pinch, you never showed a troubled face in front of the others. I’m really happy you trusted me to show your weaker side, asking me to have talks over dinner meetings. (Crying again) I like your “just right” character. I can’t help to say that I’ll feel lonely without you here, but please do your best!!!
(They hug)
Koharu: Tanaka-san, no doubt you have a scary character, but your heart is actually so hot….so warm… We’ve been through so much… I want to thank you for worrying so deeply about me….. I’m glad that Tanaka-san is Tanaka-san. We’ve got to experience so much, being members together. I really looked up to you… Please stay good friends with me.
Reina: Please do.
Koharu: Excuse me.
Reina: That’s right. Do your best! YAY!
Koharu: YAY!
Both: YAY!!!!!

Mitsui Aika’s message <

Aika: Congratulations on graduating.
Koharu: Thank you very much.
Aika: Up till now, I was about to see Kusumi-san… I envy how you can always keep cheerful. Isn’t heartbreaking to hear it’s “just right”, being viewed from a distant… seeing how you were always asked, “Are you listening?” and even being a nuisance. And you’d answer, “Oh is that so?” It’s hard to understand how you can always seem to be so care-free.
(Everyone laughs)
Even after being told, you were still always so cheerful, and I think that’s great. I really look up to you for it. It feels good when I hear your voice. I hope we can have warm talks together again. Please continue to be yourself from now on for no matter what you’ll be doing. Congratulations on graduating.
Koharu: Thank you very much.

LinLin’s message <

Koharu: LINLIN!!!
LinLin: It’s finally my turn…. Congratulations on graduating.
Koharu: Thank you very much.
LinLin: Since I’ve join, I felt the 9 of us are like family. Kusumi-san…even thought you were my senpai, it never felt that way.
(Crowd laughs)
LinLin: In a good way… When we first meet, I thought you were so cute and was shining all over…even right now, you are still shining brightly. Kusumi-san, you’re not the type to cry in front of others… therefore, today, LinLin will cry in your place, so please… please keep on smiling. Congratulations (Sobs)
Koharu: I’m sorry I wasn’t able to teach you much, being your senpai and all.
LinLin: Don’t worry about it… Remember to write me.
Koharu: We’ll go hang out.
LinLin: Yup, let’s go.

JunJun’s message <

JunJun: Honestly, at first, Kusumi-san, you were hard to handle.
Koharu: NO WAY! NOO WAY!
JunJun: More like, you were too self-centered.
(Crowd burst into laughter)
Koharu: Wha…NO WAY! Wait a minute!
JunJun: And then…but to be on Oha Star, even having to wake up very early in the morning, you were never late… you’ve always shown a smile, being so innocent. And then, I started liking you more and more… thanks to all our fights. I was just beginning to warm up to you and all of a sudden, it was announced that you have to graduate…(beings to sob), it’s really hard for me. It’s heartbreaking. I thought, why must there be a graduation rule… but… thanks to this rule, I was able to join…
(Everyone laughs)
Earlier, I invited you to go eat together, but you turned me down.
(More laughing)
Koharu: No! Hold on a second! No!
Koharu: No, before that, you turned down for having chocolate fondue together.
JunJun: Whatever.
(Crowd laughing again)
Koharu: JunJun?
JunJun: That’s right, you have bad points as well…
Koharu: Bad points? You don’t say~
JunJun: That’s why, when we were hanging out, when you were standing in front of me… At those moments, I really wanted to hug you. But I thought you’d for sure say, “JunJun, you’re so gross!”, so I gave that thought up.
Koharu: It’s fine, it’s fine. Let’s do that now.
(They hug, everyone cheers and claps)
Koharu: Is something wrong?
JunJun: Nothing… Let’s go eat together, ok? Don’t say no when I ask you next time, ok?
Koharu: I won’t say that.
JunJun: If you’re feeling bored and want to fight, call me.
Koharu: That’s right, you won’t have anyone to fight with anymore.
JunJun: I wouldn’t know what to do.
Koharu: If you need someone to argue with, you can argue with Tanaka-san.
(Koharu turns to Reina)
Koharu: Please take care of her for me!
Reina: Ok, you can count on me!
Koharu: JunJun, it hurts…
JunJun: That’s all.

(Koharu looking at the other 8 girls)
Koharu: Thank you everyone.

Koharu face the audience and reads a prepared message <

I’ve wrote a letter… JunJun, hold this for me. (Koharu makes JunJun hold her flowers.)
(Everyone laughs)

To everyone who is concerned about Koharu,

Thanks to everyone, Kusumi Koharu was able to stand as a member of Morning Musume for the past 4 years. Thank you very much. It was a very fulfilling time. Being a former volleyball team captain, passing the Morning Musume audition, having Morning Musume come to my school, and debuting in Budoukan as a 7th generation member, releasing CDs, performing in concerts, and also, was being able to become Tsukishima Kirari. At that time, I was also able to participate in the Morning Musume tanjou 10 nen kinentai… Earlier this year, I graduated from being Tsukishima Kirari. And thanks to Kirarin, I was able to secure a spot as a regular on Oha Star. My new journey begins today. All the fans have always shown enthusiasm beyond expectations… I thought you guys could jump about this high? (Shows the crowd, they laugh.) You are all fans that Koharu is very proud of! (Cheers) Thank you everyone for banding together for me! All the members, everyone on staff, Tsunku-san, and also, all the fans, everyone who cares about Koharu, I thank you from the depth of my heart! I’m going to continue on with all my might! (Loud cheering)

December 6th, 2009
From Kusumi Koharu!

Thank you everyone!!!

[Furusato – Koharu sings main, others do backing vocal]


Final MC <

Ai-chan: Everyone, really really thank you very much!
All: Thank you very much!
Gaki-san: December 6th, 2009, here, in Tokyo Kousei Nenkin Kaikan, Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Autumn, 9 SMILE FINAL!!!!!
(Everyone cheers)
Gaki-san: Today, honestly, we were able to have a very Koharu style graduation ceremony. The 9 of us has been together like this for the past 3 years, dancing and singing on this stage. I could feel deep in my heart, all the people who have supported us all this time! From now on (Looks to Koharu), are you listening?
Koharu: I’m listening~
Gaki-san: Koharu, you’ll be going on off your own from now on, and the 8 of us will always continue to work hard. Please continue to support Morning Musume and also Kusumi Koharu!
(Loud cheering)
Gaki-san: Today, I sincerely thank you for being here! This was Niigaki Risa!
LinLin: Everyone on the 2nd floor, thank you for your cheers! Everyone on the 1st floor, thanks for dancing along with us! Kusumi-san, WO AI NI! (I LOVE YOU, In Chinese).
Koharu: WO AI NI!
LinLin: Everyone, WO AI NI!
Audience: WO AI NI!
LinLin: Thank you very much, this was LinLin!
Koharu: Thank you LinLin!
(Crowd cheers)
Aika: Having all the smiles gathered here, I was able to have a wonderful time. It’s the first time I have sweats running down my nose. I had a lot of fun, this was Mitsui Aika!
(Crowd cheers)
Reina: Everyone, OTSUKAREINA!
Reina: It’s the first time a graduation has so much laughter, isn’t it Koharu? It’s all thanks to Koharu! Well, we’ve also cried, but we want to end this with a smile. This time, it feels so surreal, to me, it still feels like there’s more. Like, I can’t believe Koharu is graduating. During this tour, I was able to have a free talk corner with Sayu. Today, I originally planned to talk about something like my hobbies and such, but when it was time for the real thing, since there was no rehearsal for that part, we felt like we didn’t know what to do. There were lots of happening like this. And also, Otome gumi and Sakura gumi, it’s the first and last time for Koharu isn’t it. Oh this is going off in the wrong direction, forget it. I’m glad she was able to join in on that. I really had an enjoyable time during this tour. Thank you everyone! This was Tanaka Reina!
(Crowd cheers)
Sayumi: Everyone, for coming to see the 9 member Morning Musume, for coming to see the 9 of us, thank you for coming all the way here. For Michishige~ (Doing her lines from the opening of Rainbow Pink) I am really glad we got to do Shige-Pink and Koha-Pink at the very end. We were very happy for it. Also, this was something that only the two of us could do.
Koharu: Let’s sing it again sometime.
Sayumi: Yes please. Therefore, maybe we’ll get copied… or it will even be performed in Shinjin Koen.
(Everyone laughs)
Sayumi: But! The original Shige-Pink and Koha-Pink can never be replaced, so I am glad we were able to perform Rainbow Pink at the end this time. Also, with all the smile gathered from this tour, I will use that power to become even stronger! Thank you everyone! This was Michishige Sayumi!
(Crowd cheers)
JunJun: It was a lot of fun meeting with everyone here today. Everyone, remember to wipe off all your sweat so you won’t catch a cold, ok?
Audience: OKAY!
JunJun: Always be by my side, alright?
(Loud cheering)
JunJun: Thank you very much, this was JunJun!
(Continuing to cheer)
Eri: Yes yes, so the concert this time, we were able to have a lot of fun dancing and singing… The MC corner this time, I was able to do it with JunJun, LinLin and Gaki-san, the 4 of us, the corner where we shared our worried and turn it into smiles. To be honest, it was quite difficult. So I’m glad the 4 of us was able to keep it up till the end. Also, for Haru Beautiful Everyday, it’s the 2nd time we’ve perform this song during a concert tour, last time was when Mittsi first debuted, I hope we were able to show you a brand new version this time. Thanks to everyone who came here, I was able to perform with all my heart, I really really believe in that. Thank you very much. Always be by my side, alright? (Copies JunJun)
(Everyone laughs)
Eri: This was Kamei Eri!
(Loud cheering)
Koharu: Everyone, thank you for the glow sticks! This might be the first time I can see so much red every where!
(The light turns off)
Koharu: OMG!!!
I’m so glad you all came!
I don’t think there are more caring fans than you guys.
Everyone wearing your wota coats…
(Crowd laughs)
It’s the guys wearing them isn’t it, and putting my name on it. Like, guys are not good at these things right? Having to carefully sew everything on, it must of took forever. Doing all this for me, I don’t think there are fans like this else where.
One very loud wota: I LOVE YOU KOHARU!
Koharu: ME TOO!
(Everyone cheers)
Koharu: And holding like 2, 3 glow sticks, isn’t it heavy? But still, you guys were jumping up and down for the 23 songs with it. 23 songs! You guys are so strong! Doing all these things for me. I’m really thankful to the fans. I want to thank you all one by one. I’m grateful to this extent. Thank you all of you for everything these 4 years! Please keep on supporting me from now on!
(Loud cheering)
(Everyone cheers)
Ai-chan: This 9 smile tour which began on September 19th, was able to finish without a hitch. Also, we were able to have a very Koharu style graduation ceremony. I am very glad. It was all thanks to everyone who came to cheer us on. Thank you very much.
(Everyone cheers)
Ai-chan: From now on, Koharu and the rest of us will be working hard, improving ourselves, so please continue to support us! Thank you so much for today, this was Takahashi Ai.
(More cheering)

Gaki-san: So, it’s really going to be the last song. Please listen.
Gaki-san: Please remember the 9 of us like this, Love Machine.


Ai-chan: Thank you very much!
All: This was Morning Musume!
Koharu: Thanks for all the glow sticks!

(The 9 girls hold hands and do the banzai bow, as shown in the photo posted below.)
All: Thank you everyone!!!!!

Koharu: Please continue to support me.
I’m glad to have been able to meet with you all.
Let’s meet again!
Bye Bye, Bye Bye, Bye Bye!!!

Fans does another Koharu chant <

MM runs back onto the stage.

Koharu: Thank you!!!! Thank you!!
Ai-chan: Everyone, thank you very much!
All: Thank you very much!
Koharu: Kusumi Koharu is graduating here now. Please continue to give your support to me and Morning Musume!
Ai-chan: Everyone, let’s meet again next year!
Gaki-san: See you!
All: Thank you, bye bye!

Koharu: Who had fun~?
Audience: ME!!!!!!!!!!
Koharu: Let’s meet again ok~

> Fans does Koharu chant again <

(Concert ending announcement is played.)

Fans ignores the announcement and continues to chant Koharu’s name.
After 5 minutes, Koharu reappears on stage.

Without a mic, Koharu yells into the audience:
(Waving her arm non-stop)

Pictures from Tsunku’s blog (link at bottom of post)

The graduation song was Furusato, a great and somewhat emotional choice for fans and the members alike since it gives us a chance to see all of the members singing a slow song together as a group.

It was most likely chosen because of it was one of her first audition songs, which in a way is somewhat like closing a chapter in the story of a Momusu member the same way it started (thanks to Turbos86 for the link to the clip):

After the emotional Furusato came the last song, Love Machine (where the fans all used white glowsticks, white being the color she first had when she joined Momusu) which is a great way to get rid of the sadness among the members and try their best to finish the concert as Koharu wanted – as genki as possible.

The last picture of 9nin Momusu

After that performance the concert ended and Momusu became 8-nin, therefore ending one of the most stable lineups in Momusu’s history. Even though this won’t be a “Happy☆Happy Sunday!” for most Momusu fans it is the start of a new chapter for the group.

I became a fan of Morning Musume and H!P in November 2007, which means that this is my first graduation as a fan, and even though I have many differing views about Koha (high pitched, cute, too genki, etc) I will still miss her a lot as a member of Momusu and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that reading the farewell messages was somewhat emotional.

Koha, thanks for being a member of Momusu and thanks for giving the group a more energetic spirit, most fans will agree with me when I say that Momusu won’t be the same without you. Tsunku decided to only choose one member as 7th generation, a “miracle girl” that would take Momusu to another level, and I’m glad to see that he chose correctly.

Good luck with your modeling career and we await your return as a solo singer (if Tsunku decides to go ahead with the idea).

Good Luck Koha, We Hope To See You Again Soon!

Oricon Article About Kusumi’s Graduation

Tsunku’s Post About Kusumi’s Graduation

Natalie.mu Article About Koha’s Graduation

Since this is the first graduation of a member from Morning Musume in two years I decided to put together a small (mostly PV) biography of Koha. This won’t be as detailed as I wanted it to be but it gives us a good overview of Koha’s history (I had to put it after the break because of the amount of videos included).


Kusumi joined Morning Musume as the only member of the 7th generation on May 1, 2005 and debuted on Morning Musume’s 27th single Iroppoi Jirettai:

Morning Musume – Iroppoi Jirettai

She participated on her first concert during the Hello! Project 2005 Summer tour and she also participated in the fall tour. The title, which also was the first time that a new members name was in the title, was Concert Tour 2005 Natsu Aki “Baribari Kyoushitsu ~Koharu-chan Irrashai !~ (The last part meaning “Welcome Koharu-chan!”).

On March 2, 2006 it was announced that Koha would voice the main character in an anime titled “Kirarin Revolution”, of which the first episode aired on April 7, 2006.

After a little more than a year after joining Momusu she got the chance to release her first single, which consequently made her the youngest soloist to debut in H!P. The single, titled “Koi☆Kana” was released on July 12, 2006 under the name Tsukushima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu and sold 38,650 in total:

Tsukushima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu – Koi☆Kana

Tsunku decided to form a special group in honor of Morning Musume’s 10 year anniversary called Morning Musume 10nen Kinentai which featured some members of Morning Musume from every odd numbered generation (1st generation – Iida Kaori and Abe Natsumi, 3rd Generation – Goto Maki, 5th Generation – Niigaki Risa, 7th Generation – Kusumi Koharu). The group released their first single titled Bokura ga Ikiru MY ASIA, which was released on January 24, 2007:

Morning Musume 10nen Kinentai – Bokura ga Ikiru MY ASIA

After her success as a solo singer there were two different groups formed for the anime Kirarin Revolution the first Kira Pika was a one shot group, formed in late 2007 and featuring Kusumi Koharu with C-ute member Hagiwara Mai, which released only one single titled “Hana wo Pu~n / Futari wa NS”.

KiraPika – Hana wo Pu~n

Later on Tsunku formed a three member group which featured Morning Musume member Kusumi Koharu and Hello! Pro Egg’s Kikkawa Yuu and Kitahara Sayaka called Milky Way which released two singles during 2008, Anataboshi and Tan Tan Taan!. Their debut Anataboshi became their highest selling single with 49,492 total sales:

MilkyWay – Anataboshi

After three years as a solo artist the anime Kirarin Revolution ended on March 27, 2009 and Koharu released a final single under the name Tsukushima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu titled “Happy☆Happy Sunday!” which was released on February 4, 2009:

Tsukushima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu – Happy☆Happy Sunday!

After 15 singles with Morning Musume it was announced that Kusumi would graduate from the group on December 6, 2009, which in turn caused one of the most stable lineups of Morning Musume’s history to end.

Her last single with Momusu was titled Kimagure Princess and was released on October 28, 2009 and achieved a total sales of 45,241 (as of November 2009).

Morning Musume – Kimagure Princess


We Will Miss You Koharu!



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6 12 2009

And sorry the post came out that long but I wanted to make sure to include everything that happened ^_^;

6 12 2009

Also a big thank you to Turbos86 for translating the speeches ^_^

6 12 2009

Haha, I cried a bit while reading this. I’ll miss her!

6 12 2009


I’m glad and depressed. Glad because this is probably the best concert ever, with Koharu’s crackheadedness and genkiness. And depressed because I probably won’t have any reason to like MM/H!P or even Jpop…



6 12 2009

Going to miss her
,miss this lineup
,and miss the moment when she was in MM.

6 12 2009

Gah–It might take me some months, ‘fore I can wholeheartedly listen to Momosu. Why? Because this is also my first graduation since I became an honest fan of them (since “Mikan”, but I couldn’t have cared less a few years before when I first heard them). And when Kanna graduated from C-ute, it took me ’til about the time that Erika was to graduate ‘fore I went back to being able to enjoy them (which didn’t effect me nearly as much, since the first graduation I was around for them got me used to it).
(I guess I’m just incapable of such a change, the first-time-’round, but I know that I won’t deter my love for the groups~)

And I’m excited to see her Graduation concert! During the performances (all of ’em, most likely), I will no doubt cry… But so long as everyone gives it their best (Mostly, I’m hoping that Koharu will be using her actual voice, rather than her Kirari-one! It’ll be so touching and prove her worth to the non-believers/fans!!), I’m sure that I’ll never forget it.
(Even if Koha uses her Kirari-voice, it’ll probably be the last time I hear it [live], so… ja. Still be touching!)


To those that are only fans of H!P, MM, etc. “because of Koha”… Please, never use it in that sense again. Only refer to it as “I’m a fan of Koha [and this will have a huge impact/effect on me]” and not refer/say that she is the only reason to have even listened to MM or H!P or whatever, because that’s [generally] a lie. If you just wanted just her, then only stick with the Koharu solo things and the Kirarin*Revolution stuff. >,>
(MM is MM because of everyone, not just one person. Even if that person is your favorite, it is absolutely no reason to claim that she is the only reason you enjoy MM. The same goes for the rest of H!P.)

(Sorry; just wanted to state my thoughts on those that are seriously going to abandon H!P and all just ’cause of Koha. I love Koha, but… geez. That’s way too extreme for something you’ve listened to for as long as you have! It’s extremely coldhearted, as well!!)

6 12 2009
Dolorous Haze - Blog Archive » Hello!SayuNii Has All The Details On The Koha’s Exit

[…] Kusumi Koharu Officially Graduates From Morning Musume and Hello! Project « Hello!SayuNii. […]

6 12 2009

That was one long post :)
:o so much emotion, I have nothing much to say except that (I’m not there, demmet).

6 12 2009

And it just became even longer since I added the correct translations from the concert rip from Turbos86 ^_^

This is the longest post (excluding reviews) that I have done on the site, and it took me a good part of the day to write (and night since I didn’t sleep to get the translations of the messages) ^_^

6 12 2009

Thanx for posting…omg…when i first found out of her graduation i thought it was april fools or something meant as a joke, but it was real and i was really surprised and sad…reading this made me sad too…i never agreed for her to graduate…she’s like someone who would bring anything weird to the group with her cheerful personality…i’m really sad that she’s not in the group anymore…im looking forward to anything that she’s going to do in the future…

6 12 2009
Koha Take a Bow!!! (Reactions Pt. 1) « International Wota

[…] Kusumi Koharu Officially Graduates From Morning Musume and Hello! Project (Hello! Sayunii) The Era of the Stable 9-nin Musume has Ended (fields of maiZe and berryZ) Koha, You’ll Be Missed (Hello!Blog) Kusumi Koharu Sotsugyou Shimasu (Conflict Productions) “She’s a genki girl, in a genki world… living life spastic, she’s cracktastic!” (Super Happy Genki Hyperforce GO!) […]

6 12 2009
Thoughts on Kusumi Koharu's Graduation |

[…] reading the recap of her graduation ceremony (I think Sayu’s message was the best) I’ll admit that I teared up a little. Like I […]

8 12 2009

Wow can I *sob* now? hehe :)

9 12 2009

While Koha has not been #1 on my list, Michi said it best that “MM is MM because of everyone, not just one person” and that losing any member is a sad thing. I actually like everyone in the group and Koha adds another layer of energy to Momusu. Being also a fan from 2007, I’ve only known Momusu as a 9-nin group… losing Koha will definitely feel different… I’m gonna miss her wide-eyed, hyper-energetic, high-pitched, genki voice.

In honor of Koha-pinku, she’s my favorite member for the rest of the year… GANBATTE KOHA-CHAN!!

10 12 2009

This is so SAD. I was waiting for Koharu to become leader~
I want to watch the vid with all this talking/messages/graduation of Koharu.. anyone know where I can see it? THANK YOU


10 12 2009

Right now they haven’t released any videos with all of the messages but there is a short video on Oha Star, which is a show Kusumi will still continue to appear on. Here is the link to the subbed video (by Hyakupa) where we get to see part of Kusumi’s message, the ending of Tanaka’s message, and a bit of the Furusato performance (with a special message from Momusu to Koha):

Really sad to see that Ai-chan cried a lot during the Furusato performance (1:03, in the pirate hat) T_T

21 12 2009
7 01 2010
pobre koharu u.u

video homenaje a la gran koharu kusumi

19 02 2010

This was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard from someone… Koharu showed so much love to her fans and stayed so strong. I really love her.

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