H!P Releases November 27

28 11 2009

  • Sugaya Risako – Risou (PB)   HMV

One release today, Sugaya Risako’s 4th solo PB:

Sugaya Risako – Risou (PB): Sugaya Risako’s 4th PB. For the most part the PB was what we have come to expect from H!P, bikini pictures with some casual photos, but surprisingly there were a few differences when compared to her other PBs:

Modern art bikini? (picture from the “Making Of”)

The cover of the PB features a somewhat more calmed look at Risako since it simply features her holding a hat up while looking at the camera wearing a swimsuit. I really liked it because of the serious and grown up image of Risako sitting and also because of the simplicity of the white title on the picture.

The previews released until now have a pretty good balance of bikini and casual and I have to admit that the PB was a great success, even though some of the casual pictures were a bit more daring than we are used to (above picture).

In most of the pictures Risako looks older than she really is, and I say that as a compliment since she looks grown up and more serious than we are used to seeing her.

And despite having a serious feeling there are still the pictures were Risako acts her age and shows us that she had fun doing the PB (picture below). As a member of Berryz I always thought that Risako was kind of cute and after seeing the PB I have to admit that the statement still holds true.

Overall the PB was great, it did a good job of showing a more serious side of Risako while still keeping her bright and funny character. I would definitely recommend it to her fans and to any Berryz Koubou fans interested since UFA did a great job with this PB.

The next release date is set for 12/2 with Sugaya Risako’s 1st solo DVD, Berryz Koubou’s Single V Clips 4, Hello! Projects 10th Pucchi Best CD and DVD, Mano Erina and Guardians 4’s Solo DVD for their latest singles.




3 responses

28 11 2009

this photobook was way too daring @_@ especially considering that risako is only 15
it almost makes me feel guilty for liking H!P
so I’m just gonna pretend that this never came out >.<

28 11 2009

Oh, I love it! I don’t think it looks dirty in any way, so the slightest bit of sexiness is ok with me.
I think it just looks playful, fresh and cute.

But I’m 15 too so…

10 12 2009

And yet there was contraversy over the whole miley cyrus jogging…
Risako looks really nice thougghh

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