Tsuji Nozomi – “NonPiece” Book Cover Released

30 10 2009

Tsuji Nozomi NonPiece Book Cover 2634

The cover for Tsuji Nozomi’s upcoming book titled NonPiece has been released. The book’s table of content’s has also been detailed:

Chapter01 Cooking【料理】きょうのごはん・杉浦家の愛情レシピ・キャラ弁にチャレンジ・おつまみ他
Chapter02 Family【家族】きょうの希空たん・夫婦円満の秘訣他
Chapter03 Fashion【おしゃれ】きょうのファッション・小物紹介・ヘア&メイク他
Chapter04 Works【仕事】
Chapter05 Houseworks【家事】洗濯・節約他
Chapter06 Blog【ブログ】
Chapter07 Drill【家事検定テスト】

I really like the cover since it does a good job of showing us the mature (still big bow-wearing) Tsuji we all know, and a clear view of her wedding ring which is a great way to show her happy marriage on the cover. The cover also has a picture of (most of) Noa, her daughter, and even though she doesn’t show her face it is great to see that she was included with her mom.

For the most part the book looks great, there are clear references to her fashion career and her family, and their is even a chapter about her blog which sounds interesting.

The book looks like a great read, so I strongly encourage those who can read Japanese to buy a copy when it is released in November (according to the site).

Rakuten Page With Tsuji Nozomi’s “NonPiece” Book



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30 10 2009
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