Buono – “Bravo Bravo” Tracklist Released

29 10 2009

Buono 2364

1. Bravo☆Bravo
2. Winter Story
3. Bravo☆Bravo(Instrumental)
4. Winter Story(Instrumental)

Source: Official Buono Site

The tracklist for Buono’s 9th single titled BravoBravo has been released on the discography page on their official site. The single will include 4 tracks – the A and B-side and the instrumentals to both songs.

“Winter Story” seems kind of fitting for the time of the release date, so hopefully they can make the song sound a bit like a Christmas song they can perform on their tour. They seem to be hurrying to release information since normally we would get a tracklist some time later, so hopefully the PV will be released soon.

The release date for the single is set for 12/16.



7 responses

29 10 2009
29 10 2009

is it just me, or miyabi looks thinner. even in the pv of “watashi no miari danna-sama”. she looks thinner than before.

29 10 2009

Now that you mention it she does look a bit thinner, but not that much, so I guess it’s probably due to the extra load of work promoting and preparing for the concert tour she has done with Berryz lately

29 11 2009

Should be Slim

29 11 2009

Well yeah… but you get the idea :p

30 10 2009

starting to love this group that had 3 totally different character and look girl with real singing ability and slick dance move. A complete group

24 11 2009

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