C-ute – Alo Hello DVD Cover Released

20 10 2009

C-ute Alo Hello DVD Cover 1341

The cover for C-ute’s Alo Hello DVD has been released. Like the PB cover, the DVD cover only features the 5 members that will remain after Umeda graduates.

It is kind of disappointing that they didn’t include her in the cover because she is graduating three days before the release but it would have been nice to see her on the cover for their first Alo Hello DVD. She will probably appear in the DVD, since I doubt they would just put her off to the side while the other girls have fun, but I don’t think they will focus that much on her.

The DVD cover looks great since it features all of the girls wearing casual clothes and making “Aloha” signs at the camera. It is cute and simple, and all of the girls look like they are the same height (Maimai looks like the tallest for some reason).

Hopefully the DVD is as fun as the Alo Hello’s of other groups, and I guess we can expect to see a preview soon since we are so close to the release date.

The release date is set for 10/28.

Morning Musume – “Kimagure Princess” Single V Cover Released

20 10 2009

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess Single V Cover 1512

The cover for Morning Musume’s Single V for their 41st single titled Kimagure Princess has been released on the official H!P page. The cover is a great improvement over the Single covers, mainly because they use less fire here. and focus more on the members.

The brand that Ai-chan is carrying is more noticeable, but it would have been more credible if it hadn’t burst into flames with Ai-chan’s hand so close to it. Lin Lin is completely turned away and almost seems like she was talking to Sayu before the photo was taken, and for some reason no member in the front is turning to the right.

Overall I really like this cover a lot more than some of the other Single covers, especially Limited B which looks really strange. The clouds in the back look great, and I am glad they used less fire this time since they overdid it a bit on the other covers.

The release date is set for 11/4.

Official H!P Page For Single V of Kimagure Princess

Hello! Project – Yorosen! Vol 3 & 4 DVD Covers Released

20 10 2009

Hello! Project - Yorosen Vol 3 Cover 1235 Hello! Project - Yorosen Vol 4 Cover 1512

The covers for Hello! Project’s Yorosen Vol 3 & 4 DVD’s have been released on the official H!P page. This time they used the latest single’s costumes for each group: “Kimagure Princess” for Morning Musume, “EVERYDAY Zekkochou” for C-ute, “Rival / Seishun Bus Guide” for Berryz Koubou, and “Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo” for Mano Erina.

They also managed to exclude Kanna, although I think her week is included in one of those DVD’s, which might confuse some new fans when they try and look for her on the cover. The school theme they used really fits the DVD, and I would have liked to see them use it earlier since it fits more with the objective of Yorosen (teach other members about a topic).

Overall I am impressed at how well it came out and hopefully the Vol 5 & 6 covers look similar.

The release date is set for 10/28.

Yorosen Vol 3 Official H!P Profile Page

Yorosen Vol 4 Official H!P Profile Page