H!P Releases September 27

27 09 2009

Kusumi Koharu Sugar Doll PB Cover 1352

  • Kusumi Koharu – Sugar Doll (PB)   YesAsia HMV

One release today, Kusumi Koharu’s 4th solo PB (and last as a member of Morning Musume and Hello! Project):

Kusumi Koharu – Sugar Doll, Koha’s 4th and last solo PB with H!P. This being her last PB I expected to see some pretty amazing pictures, and I’m glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed. All of the pictures look fantastic, especially the fantasy themed ones, and even though I am not that fond of bikini pictures I have to admit that they came out great.

The cover is one of the main points since it does a good job of showing us a sort of preview of the images that are going to be included in the PB (serious and bright pictures). The blue bikini contrasts well with Koha’s somewhat pale skin and the white background, and the title does a good job of balancing out the white and dark colors.

In the PB almost all of the pictures show Koha in a happy mood, and even though Koha has always had a bright and cheerful image, this PB does a good job of showing us her rarely seen mature side too, most noticeable when we get to see pictures such as the ones where she is wearing the red bow (picture below).

There is not much else I can say since the images speak for themselves. Koharu has always had a natural talent as a model, and even though I didn’t notice her that much I have to admit that if she chooses to pursue a career in modeling full time she will definitely be successful.

Overall I would definitely recommend this PB, the contrast of personalities (cheerful vs serious) is really presented well, and even though this is the last PB we will see from Koha as an H!P member I have to admit that seeing the images makes me look forward to seeing her in magazines and on TV when she tries becoming a model.

I really think they have done a perfect job on Koha’s last PB, I simply couldn’t imagine a better goodbye gift to fans.

Next release date is 9/30, with the release of 8 H!P products: Koha’s solo DVD for this PB titled “Jump!!”, the Single-V for C-ute’s “EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!!”, the DVD for Yorosen Vol 1 & 2, and Mano Erina’s “Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo” single in 4 versions.



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