Umeda Erika To Graduate From Hello! Project

1 08 2009

Umeda Erika 2342

Thank you for your continuous support of H!P.

Umeda Erika, a member of C-ute who just started their concert tour, will graduate from H!P on the last day of this tour, i.e 25th October.
After graduation, she plans to become a fashion model and pursue her studies in this field.
She plans to work even harder as a C-ute member in the upcoming 3 months until her graduation.
Please support her.

Source: H!O (Translated from the official Hello! Project site announcement)

Umeda Erika has decided to graduate from C-ute and Hello! Project on the last day of the tour (10/25) to pursue a career as a fashion model. She was always one of the members that didn’t stand out that much, but she had a great voice and she was a part of C-ute, it’s good to at least know she is going to have a decent graduation.

I am certain there are no other reasons for her leaving, since she is specifically saying what she wants to do when she graduates and because she is getting a ceremony, so I don’t think there is room for any rumors. From the message on the H!P site she is leaving on her own accord, so I see no reason in blaming UFA for the graduation, and she is still going to be active studying and becoming a fashion model.

I am speaking from my own opinion but I think Umeda and C-ute fans should be supporting her now more than ever instead of pointing fingers to who is responsible (no one is, she decided on her own) and jumping to a conclusion that they are trying to reduce C-ute (extremely difficult to believe and as far as I know not true at all), the least we can do is support her.

Hopefully her career as a fashion model goes great and she remains active in the fashion scene. If you happen to be in Japan in the next 3 months and you are a C-ute fan I think it would be almost necessary to at least attend one of the concerts before she graduates to show her support before she starts to become a fashion model.

Good luck Erika!

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2 responses

2 08 2009

Only when Umeda leaves will be real contribution be appreciated. The group was already wounded by Kanna’s retirement. Now what? Bring on Saki-O!

3 08 2009

I think that it’s good for her, coz she didn’t get a lot of solo line in C-ute and it’s her dream to become a model… and she is very pretty, she surely will became a nice model!
support you! ^.^

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