Mitsui Aika To Get A New Blog Titled “Aika no Pastel Color Days”

16 07 2009

Mitsui Aika 12941

It has been announced through the fanclub webpage that Mitsui Aika will start a new corner on the fanclub webpage titled Aika no Pastel Color Days which will feature pictures and a diary with an Iyashi (healing) theme.

In other words she is possibly getting a blog, which would make her the first Momusu member to have one.

Knowing her personality she is probably going to post really happy entries with random pictures, which is a great way to get to know Mitsui better and what she does everyday.

I’m glad to see that they are finally paying attention to the 8th generation members, and hopefully some other members can get a “corner” as well.

Announcement Of Mitsui’s New Corner On Fanclub Webpage

EDIT 7/21

Mitsui’s Fanclub Page blog is officially open, here is the banner for her blog:

Aika no Pastel Days Blog Banner

And she already posted one entry about LA and it also includes some food she had that day (what’s an idol blog without food):

Mitsui Aika "Aika no Pastel Days" Blog 1

(Original first entry about LA in Japanese, Click for bigger image)

If you are like me and your Japanese level is somewhat lacking the guys over at Hyakupa have started translating her blog, HERE is the first entry and for more entries I’m putting the link to their page on the left under “Translations of official blogs” where you can get your daily Aika.



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17 07 2009

This is a good sign!

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