H!P Releases July 13

13 07 2009

Only one release today, Michishige Sayumi’s 6th solo PB titled 20sai 7/13:

Michishige Sayumi – 20sai 7/13, Michishige’s 6th solo PB which commemorates her 20th birthday. The title itself also points that out with her birthday and age, which results in a slightly unoriginal but still understandable title.

The cover features Sayu in a black bikini posing on a beach, which reflects her serious and mature image. Since the title points out her age, they probably went with a “Sayu is no longer only just cute but a mature and beautiful woman” theme, which worked.

The position and quality of the logo for the PB isn’t the best, but it serves it’s purpose with a slight glowing pink font they used.

It looks like a scene from a horror movie for some reason…

The images in the PB range from swimsuit to casual clothing and dresses, all which fit Sayu’s contrasting image. The dark colored clothes seem to say that Sayu is now a mature and beautiful woman, while the light colored clothes show she is still a cute and young girl at heart, a great contrast.

Sayu looks incredibly huggable in these pictures

Overall I was impressed by the quality of the PB, although I haven’t seen it in it’s entirety the few previews I have seen really impressed me. They really did a decent PB for her 20th birthday with shots showing her mature, yet cute and bubbly personality she has.

I would recommend it highly to anyone who can get it simply because of the quality and the effort put into the PB (and because I’m slightly biased since I’m a Sayu fan).

UFA, you certainly did a good job with this release, and I hope that you can release many more Sayu PBs in the future with the “beautiful and mature, yet cute and young at heart woman” theme since it perfectly fits Sayu and her personality.

Here is a small gallery of previews:

The next release will be of Morning Musume’s Platinum 9 DISCO and Hello! Project Chanpuru 1 ~Happy Marriage Cover Songs Shuu~ album that will be released on 7/15.



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13 07 2009

OMG i’m so jealous of Shigesan!!! I can’t believe she’s 20, she doesn’t look it!(i’m 17 and I look older than her!)

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