New Egg Unit Named S/mileage

7 05 2009


The new Egg Unit which is set to debut and consists of Ogawa Saki, Fukuda Kanon, Wada Ayaka and Maeda Yuuka finally has a name: S/mileage, the name was officially revealed by the Tsunku himself in his blog.

As of right now we only know that, apart from the members names, hopefully we can see a name of a debut single or something along those lines soon.The name is probably a combination of three words: smile, age, and mileage, which is interesting to say the least and it really makes me excited to see what Tsunku could have prepared for us, hopefully we can find out soon.

Good luck to these four girls and let’s hope we get some other information like the title of the debut single soon.

Tsunku’s Blog Entry Announcing Name




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