“Chanpuru ~Happy Marriage Song Shuu~” Cover Album Announced

28 04 2009


Title: Chanpuru~Happy Marriage Song Shuu~
Release Date: July 15th
Catalog Number: EPCE-5645 (Zetima)
Price: 3,150 yen
Tracklist (Original Singer):

1. Sekai wa Futari no Tame ni (Sagara Naomi; 1969)
2. Tentou Chuu no Sanba (Cherish; 1973)
3. Cosmos (Yamaguchi Momoe; 1977)
4. Kanpaku Sengen (Sada Masashi; 1979)
5. Mamotte Agetai (Matsutouya Yumi; 1981)
6. Akai Sweet Pea (Matsuda Seiko; 1982)
7. Diamonds (Princess Princess; 1989) (It’s misspelled on the site but my dollars to doughnuts bet is that this it due to the hiragana spelling and the chronological order)
8. Ai wa Katsu (KAN; 1990)
9. Kimi ga Iru Dake de (Kome Kome Club; 1992)
10. Heya to Y shirt to Watashi (Hiramatsu Eri; 1992)

Source: aisasami @ MM-BBS (who got the information from H!O and JPM, as stated)

Yes, it’s another cover album, but the most impressive thing is the number of members who will sing in the album, 49! Yes that’s right, 49 members from H!P will sing in the album, this is being referred to as a new shuffle unit (it might be units or it might be a shuffle among the members, but we will know when the singer list is announced).

There is a chance that they are only going to include the Japanese Hello! Project and not the Taiwan H!P, mainly because: Morning Musume + Berry Koubou + C-ute + Mano Erina + H!P Eggs (minus the two new Eggs)= 48

Although it is not exactly 49, they might go with “Ice Creamusume + Frances & Aiko” instead of all the Egg’s and just choose some of them, but unfortunately we will have to wait for a singer list from UFA to know for sure. Although it is just a cover album I am really excited about the release, mainly because of the 49 member participation and a slight chance of shuffle units.

The album will be released on July 15, so hopefully they will release the singer list by then (I’ll update if they release), the links below are for the confirmation of the track list and 49 member confirmation.

Yamato-Music (Track list confirmation)

NeoWing (49 Member participation confirmation)



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