Fujimoto Miki In Japan Festa 2009

27 04 2009


Fujimoto is set to perform in Japan Festa in Bangkok, which will occur in August (credit to lovemusic @ H!O for the info). The information right now is kind of scarce, all we know is that she will perform sometime in August in Bangkok, and that is pretty much it, hopefully we can get some more info as time passes.

It’s great to see that she is also one of those Elder Club members who is doing something, apart from getting married. Those of you who are Miki fans might consider going to this, mainly because it might not occur again (most likely it will, but you never know). Hopefully she can perform some of her solo songs, or maybe she will get a new single by that time, but all we can do now is guess. The link below is from the coordinators blog about the event (I guess, my Japanese isn’t that great), so if you know Japanese you might want to check on that entry, let’s hope she has success, good luck Mikitty!




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