Fujimoto Miki In Japan Festa 2009

27 04 2009


Fujimoto is set to perform in Japan Festa in Bangkok, which will occur in August (credit to lovemusic @ H!O for the info). The information right now is kind of scarce, all we know is that she will perform sometime in August in Bangkok, and that is pretty much it, hopefully we can get some more info as time passes.

It’s great to see that she is also one of those Elder Club members who is doing something, apart from getting married. Those of you who are Miki fans might consider going to this, mainly because it might not occur again (most likely it will, but you never know). Hopefully she can perform some of her solo songs, or maybe she will get a new single by that time, but all we can do now is guess. The link below is from the coordinators blog about the event (I guess, my Japanese isn’t that great), so if you know Japanese you might want to check on that entry, let’s hope she has success, good luck Mikitty!


SWEET BLACK feat. MAKI GOTO – “with…” PV Released

27 04 2009

Goto Maki’s third single with SWEET BLACK has been released. The song is a mix of ballad and rap sounds, so fans of her who miss the H!P Goto might be glad. The song itself is kind of repetitive, I got bored and started jumping around the video and everywhere I did that there was the same beat and voice sounds, which impressed me, mainly because I thought they might add some sort of variation.

The PV is like the new H!P releases, it has a story, which this time includes a “friend” of her, although it grows kind of boring after a while. It’s great that Goto is doing so well with her career, but we can’t really consider her to be a solo artist until she goes…well, solo, so hopefully they can give her a release with only her name on the title. Meanwhile here is the PV:

Takahashi, Niigaki, Tanaka and LinLin Arrive In Korea

27 04 2009

Left to Right: Tanaka Reina, Niigaki Risa, LinLin (the girl in white waving behind Takahashi), and Takahashi Ai

Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Tanaka Reina, and Lin Lin arrived today in Korea to for the audition preparations. They have apparently already met with 2PM members ChanSung and JunHo, which will be the MCs for the audition, which is now called DaeDong Kyung Youths.

Other members of H!P are expected to appear sometime during now and the end of the auditions, so expect to see Berryz Koubou and C-ute get involved somehow (apart from Shimizu and Yajima visiting some months ago). UFA requested that no pictures be taken by fans, so that is why there is a relatively small number of photos of them arriving.

Thanks to Nayok-Kihara @ H!O for the info.


Hopefully Niigaki can practice her Korean while she is there, and maybe she could teach the other girls a few words. For those of you who wonder what bags Niigaki and Tanaka are carrying they are a Coach handbag for Niigaki, and a Louis Vuitton for Tanaka (I have no idea what that is, being a guy and all, but I thought I might as well include it, credit for Aim Aim @ H!O for the info).

The audition is set to air in mid-May so Korean fans be sure to be on the lookout for the airings, meanwhile we international fans will have to wait for them to appear on H!O. Below is the link to the news story (in Korean), and there is also two links to fan videos of them arriving at the airport (not really that long but at least we get to see them for a few seconds, credit to aewen for the videos)

News Story (In Korean)

Fan Video 1

Fan Video 2