Takahashi Ai – Watashi PB Preview

25 04 2009


I don’t normally post about images from PBs, not sure why, but I usually don’t, but Takahashi’s 10th PB is something to get excited about, not only because she is cute, but because it is a landmark, she has become the first H!P member to release 10 PBs! Great work Takahashi, hope you can bring us many more (after Chinami gets one). Anyway a preview has come out with her doing  cute pose, which is probably a random photo or the cover, most likely it is just a random photo.

I really like the way Takahashi came out on the preview, the PB is the usual casual clothes and bikini release, and you can kind of guess that they will release one of each to promote. I still have a bit of hope that they might make the cover interesting, but like always they always end up making it look like a Nobel Prize best seller, hopefully this isn’t the case with this release. The heart shape she does with her hands is cute, which really shows that despite being mature she still has a cute side, although I can’t express my thoughts on the other slightly suggestive picture on the right.

The release comes with a DVD, which probably features the making of the PB, so if you are a Takahashi fan then I suggest you buy it, not many H!P members release 10 PBs so it’s great to have at least the newest one. Links to buy are in the upcoming releases page, the release date is 5/25, so it’s almost a month away, but it’s never too early to preorder.



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