Yuuka And Kanon In Shugo Chara Musical

23 04 2009


What do you do if you have a succesful series? Make a musical of course! Yuuka and Kanon are confirmed for the Shugo Chara musical, Ayaka and Akari haven’t but I guess they might have a chance to participate (I mean, they are in the announcement of the musical, it’s pretty much confirmed). Yuuka and Kanon are set for their debut this September in the H!P Egg’s unit, they already are popular among fans (Yuuka because of her debut in High King, and Kanon for her blog), but this will give them a final push into the limelight.

20090423_01 20090423_02

(Left – Yuuka Maeda plays “Amu”, Right – Fukuda Kanon plays “Nadeshiko

I’ll update with a confirmation of Akari and Ayaka’s participation and information about the dates when they become available.




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8 07 2010

Akari and Ayaka were students, dancers, and X-Characters

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