Morning Musume – “3,2,1 – BREAKIN’ OUT!” Preview

20 04 2009

No, it’s not the theme song of an acne commercial, it’s the new B-side for Shouganai Yume Oibito. JapanFiles has just released the 40 second preview over at their page and at H!O, and like the Hangry&Angry preview I will post it here (JapanFiles, like the last time, if you want me to remove it contact me), mainly because I’m not sure if international fans can hear the preview, this is just for everyone to have a chance to hear the preview.

OK, on the the song, it’s extremely similar to SONGS, in a sense that they tried to give it a SALT5 sound mixed with techno, although it starts sounding like Morning Musume from the 28 second mark. I am somewhat mixed on the song, I like it but at the same time I am not sure about the starting part, which sounds a lot like SALT5, I am sure that the entire song is better, so I give it a thumbs up.

This song is also going to be used as the theme song for AX, which, according to JapanFiles, was written by Tsunku especially for AX. I appreciate the gesture and to anyone going to AX please thank him in the name of those who can’t go, I would have preferred something that sounded more like Morning Musume, but it does have some elements that remind us of them, thanks Tsunku!

Here is the preview from JapanFiles for the new B-Side of Shouganai Yume Oibito, you can read the entire article about this song being used as the theme song HERE or over at Hello! Online.