Morning Musume – Shouganai Yume Oibito PV

19 04 2009

I did exactly what I did with the Cute – Bye Bye Bye PV, refresh the page continously when they updated the page, and to my surprise they released it on Sunday like I predicted. Good thing because many of the PV’s have been released during school days and I would have to wait until I came home to see them, glad they choose today. Nothing changed (only the quality), so I just edited the stuff I wrote about the LQ version.

The PV is awesome, there is no words to describe the improvement they made, it is extremely good. The song is ballad like, but with a mature and powerful sound, I really like it. The lyrics are spread out evenly, although there is the classic duo that gets most of the lines (Takahashi and Tanaka), but it doesn’t matter, the girls all get to sing, which is good, I even think I hear JunJun and LinLin singing, although they could have been singing the stronger part of a harmony.

The PV follows in Buono’s footsteps because of the location, which is not a studio, it is an actual location, this time in a school-like place, the girls are roaming around the school and posing casually, they also hang out, similar to a gang, in a classroom. The girls also dance in a segment with white dresses, which is slightly awkward because they seem to be off center slightly, but overall I like the dance, it somehow has a slightly mature feeling.

The costumes are great, long gone are the days of blue sequins (Pepper Keibu), this time they wear normal clothes, although I don’t understand Mitsui’s costume, she has long hair in the dance segment with the white dresses (they look white) then she has boyish hair in the normal segments. Niigaki looks beautiful as always, so does Kamei, Michishige, and the rest of the girls. Sayumi seems to be the only one with a classic fall dress, because almost everyone is wearing something casual.

Let’s hope they keep releasing PV’s like this one, they finally understood that only fans (us) like to see them dance for 4 minutes in a blank background, with this they will hopefully attract new fans. This is the first ballad since Aruiteru, I think so, so I’m glad they could do one that has a mature and cool sound like this one. Enjoy the PV, and let’s hope that they don’t take this one down, I doubt it because they officially released it on Dohhh-Up, anyway video….douzo~

Morning Musume – Shouganai Yume Oibito Cover Released UPDATE

19 04 2009


Although it’s a small picture this is supposedly a preview of the cover for the single “Shouganai Yume Oibito” (People can’t help chase dreams) which will be released on May 13. I somewhat like the cover, although Mitsui looks kind of strange with brown hair, so does LinLin, Kamei, and Takahashi…it just looks strange for some reason, they seem to want to make everyone look the same.

They seem to have tried to give everyone brown hair, but for some reason Michishige, Kusumi and JunJun have black hair, they must have run out of brown dye before they got to them, which is good because I can’t imagine them with brown hair. The costumes are somewhat similar to the Platinum 9 DISC costumes but in a different non-shiny color, I guess they liked the design and decided to use it for the new single.

I like the cute simplicity, but I would have preferred a different photo formation, I have seen Takahashi and Tanaka together a lot recently, it would have been great to see some other girls in the front. The single will most probably have them as leads, but Michishige and Kusumi are in the center, which might mean something, but the difference in hair color also might mean something too, but most likely they didn’t have enough dye for everyone to look slightly alike (I guess the dye was on sale but it ran out).

The single comes out on May 13, so anyone wanting to reserve it, now is the time to do so, there is a month to go until the release, so we will probably see a PV or a preview come out soon.


UPDATE 4/19: The covers for the limited editions just came out, and I am a bit disappointed, here have a look:


First one is Limited Edition A, they look like they were taking a photo and the platform fell underneath them, which is slightly comical in a way, but they most likely were jumping, in a similar way to the PV of Souda We’re Alive. And the next one is Limited Edition B, which have them in a set of golden painted monkey bars and a ladder with Kusumi (maybe..) on a golden pedestal in the center….yeah I’m just as confused as you are. Anyway now that we know what the covers look like we can safely reserve a copy (I already did, Limited Edition A), the links are in the Upcoming Releases page. Let’s hope for better covers for the next single!